Allocation of Funds

Stoked to join everyone on this pioneering adventure of not only web 3 but the APEDAO experience. :gorilla:

Curious on everyone’s thoughts in terms of allocation of funds, I have been putting most of my extra funds towards collecting as much $APE as I can but leaving around 25 percent for ETH

Are you doing something similar?


I particularly intend to spend as much time as possible building projects for the community, mixing entertainment, rewards and more! Because I believe in my ideas and the potential of the $APE community, I am almost 100% focused on ApeCoin.

I’m sorry if some part of the message was not correct, as English is not my native language.



90% of my crypto is in $APE. Holding 10% stable coins as a reserve.


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Wish I had the funds to buy sooner than I did, obligations happen…
I will hold more soon

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