Ambassador Program

It’s not another election in that sense. After the term “Ambassador” is defined, as I said before, people have to put up their own AIPs to become one. So there is no set election cycle.

Ambassadors also serve a vastly different purpose from Special Council (which… what really is that, anyway :rofl:). SC is (supposed to) be about connecting ApeDAO to brands; Ambassadors connect ApeDAO to communities. Ambassadors are the folks who get their hands dirty on the front lines, moving in local communities, not bestowing favor from on high out of Silicon Valley while jetsetting around LA/NYC/Paris/Dubai while they’re brokering 15 other deals. Both are needed, by the way.

If you still don’t want more elections just because they’re elections, I get that somewhat. Seems a bit lazy to me, however.

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  1. do a short “scope” aip w/ tiny legal budget

What do you consider a “tiny” legal budget?

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Hi @CryptoLogically, this sounds like an exciting initiative. Where does one sign up for the group?


I see what you meant. My previous assumption was there would be an overall proposal and ambassadors would be under that proposal’s scope. If ambassadors need to submit their own AIP then it’s not the “election” as the special council.


I think there needs to be more readability in the organization of the ApeCoin DAO.

I’m afraid that with the multitude of layers that are created, we no longer know what each person’s role is.

Between the role of the DAO Board, Cartan Group, Moderators, ApeComms, Ambassadors, it’s starting to get complicated for most newcomers.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to create an organizational chart to present the current structure ?
As well as a V2 organizational chart to present the interest of this (these) new role(s) ?


@dyorjdr I did touch on this in my post here.

While the title of that post was reverted to the confusing one I originally had, I wanted to clarify the idea I posted was just to make a chart to show the different roles in the DAO. I’m not looking to setup additional working groups myself (although others can do so).


What’s up @Cardo! Please feel free to DM me on Twitter and we’ll get you in! Happy to add you.

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Thanks, that could be very useful :+1:


Appreciate your other post regarding the potential working group structure. Is there any org chart that exists for the DAO as it stands today?


None that I know of, would be happy to make one though


Thank you! Would be really helpful to understand decision making processes / tasks when it comes to APE Foundation, Special Council / Board and Cartan Group.


I’m formalizing this topic in AIP Idea: Defining Ambassador and Other Terms to Create a New DAO Office so we can move forward on this officially.


I like the idea. It would drive more participation for DAO related activities.

Many of the team lead at “Communities” here are ambassador candidates.


After discussion and thought, I’m withdrawing my active pursuit of this topic as a focus. I still think the ideas are valid, but I believe bringing this topic up now will divert from the efforts of ApeComms. I certainly hope we can have this discussion at the appropriate time, and I also think my focus is better placed in projects/events rather than governance infrastructure at this time. I’ll be doing a proposal for those things soon.