Ape Assembly Meeting #7 Agenda

It actually was created in WG0 which evolved into Ape Assembly as stated in a Dao wide apecoin.eth snapshot vote.

Somethings to clarify are

  1. Where is it actually sitting now based on AIPs?
  2. Then think where would be the best place for it to sit legally and who should operate it.

Here is some factual information

  1. WG0 evolved into the Ape Assembly as stated in the AIP-239.
    AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter

  2. WG0 with Bored Security created the Discord as shown here.
    WG0 Discord -> ApeCoin DAO Discord
    This is not a passed AIP, but information showing the name change from Wg0 to apecoindao Discord.

  3. It has been suggested (after AIP-239 passed in an AIP) that the Discord should goto Marcomms in the future. However, this is purely a suggestion and not the will of the DAO.
    AIP-196: BORED AIP: Working Group Zero Stewards Final Report

So based on this it seems that the Discord comes under the Ape Assembly which will once setup (DAO LLC) be under the legal umbrella of the Governance Working Group.