Ape Awards Show?

Just throwing this out there…

One of the big issues people say across the board is the ape community is too fractured. Well, nothing brings together an industry like an awards show. Best Ape Podcast. Best Ape Tech. Best Ape Youtube Cameo. Best Kennel Club Member. You get the idea.

I’m more for building platforms than one time events, but THIS is when I would really say yes to pulling out all the stops and getting celebs all over the place.

Plus it could be done in conjunction with @Novocrypto New Year’s Party.


Haha – are you gonna have the community decide, in which case influencers, whales and most popular will get nominated and win – or will there be a board (let’s call them a Special Council or something) that decides on the nominees and the inevitable winners?

Asking for a pal - thanks, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ser, we’ve already gone over this in the Discord. I won that debate hands down. So please, ser, if you could stick to the issues that’d be just grand :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The Awards Show integrated into the New Year’s Party would be INSANE.


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