Ape Token Awareness and Adoption Tour

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ApeCoin Awareness Tour for TradFi events


Jonathan Pullinger

LinkedIn: Jonathan Pullinger - W3S group | LinkedIn

Twitter: x.com

Discord: jpinweb3

Email: hugh@primateplayboy.xyz

Any questions please contact me via X (formally Twitter).


Our proposal is simple, we believe that the route to wider adoption of $APE is education, having spoken to many people working inside Traditional Finance, they either see Crypto as a joke/scam or simply do not understand it at all. This needs to change and Ape Coin has one key advantage over many other token offerings and that’s the community strength and depth, as we all know Ape began life with the BAYC but it’s come a long way since then and we need to help others understand this journey. Many still believe that you need to hold a BAYC asset to vote and that’s inside our own ecosystem, in the wider financial services ecosystem people simply believe it’s an excellent way to circumnavigate regulation, while we all know that this isn’t true, most don’t. Many do not realise that crypto wallets are often linked to web2 social media accounts, banking transactions, etc. I believe that by dispelling many of these myths within traditional finance workers we will see an increase in adoption and innovation within web3.

My team will attend TradFi events, hiring booths and taking a coffee machine, attracting those searching for a free nice warm coffee, we will educate, through conversation and follow up links, finally by gifting these non-native users a small amount of $APE they’ll be able to return for another free coffee and gain a real-world experience of using crypto.

Thus, showing the end user how efficient and effective $APE can be and why crypto doesn’t have to be a swear word or something muttered (often negatively) in the corridors of a bank’s compliance department.

Our education program will be in short bite sized pieces and designed to be discussed over a nice warm coffee, removing as much technology as possible enabling a human conversation. We will also produce online resources as part of the grant to enable the trainers to pass on links at the end of these interactions/workshops.


I believe that the ApeCoin Ecosystem will benefit from this proposal because it will introduce new people to crypto and help to grow the DeFi ecosystem within traditional finance. I don’t see this as an “all or nothing” solution but an alternative method of payment and that’s why education, gifting of small amounts of APE tokens to booth/cafe visitors will enable them to use the solution, pay for their coffee and see a crypto payment in action, use the technology, opposed to reading biassed reporting (either for or against) many people I surveyed haven’t actually used crypto and have not made a purchase of tokens or using tokens, yet they have an opinion on the matter. This needs to change.

I believe that the best way to do this is via a cup of nice warm coffee, at Traditional Finance/FX Events, conferences have recently become lacklustre in their beverage offerings to guests, so a nice warm coffee, early in the morning would be greatly appreciated and well received. We would begin to educate those working in traditional finance that this space isn’t simply filled with jpegs and charlatans but actual people, looking to build real businesses that wouldn’t seem out of place on any high street. This would help to separate the token from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and while I believe in Yuga, the BAYC and Ape Coin, I to believe that we need new blood and that blood isn’t going to come from buying jpegs or memes but from those who buy S&P 500 tracker funds and Hotel shares to improve their financial futures while still wanting to improve day-to-day life –or semi-deferred gratification as I like to think of it.


Define any words or phrases within your submission that are unique to the proposal, new to the APE Community, and/or industry-specific.

BAYC - Bored Ape Yacht Club, a famous NFT collection

S&P 500 tracker funds - Standard and Poor’s 500 index fund. This fund is based upon the top 500 companies in the US.

Hotel Shares, owning shares in hotel chains often results in upgrades and perks when you stay.


  • Start Date Q4 2024

  • Attend a minimum of six traditional finance events per annum as an exhibitor.

  • We will be hiring a Social Media Manager, A Barista, two part-time cleaners and will be training all staff on the use of the coffee machine. We will also be hiring a company to produce bitesize video content / training material on the uses of crypto, wallets, security and of course KYC. KYC and Compliance courses will be the first built as I believe these address the core concerns of Traditional Finance investors the most, these will be followed by onboards and wallet security.

  • We would appreciate APE holders sharing our journey on Social Media and engaging with our Twitter Account.


We will report quarterly, via an accountant and produce reports detailing expenses/revenue profit/loss we will also hire a non-exec advisor to monitor spend and ensure we remain within the parameters of the grant, both legally and spiritually.


Present your grant request using the following format:

“Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $275,000.”


Reserved for updates

I agree that education about ApeCoin, DAOs, Web3 and the future of public goods funding and organizational citizenship is something that people don’t really understand. APE_U has a great team working on internal education, mentoring and development. I just put forth an AIP (currently under review by the Special Council) to expand education to external, non-Web3, audiences through peer-reviewed academic articles (ApeCoin DAO & the Future of DAO Legitimacy: Establishing ApeCoin DAO as a Reference in DAO & Metaverse Peer-Reviewed Journals - #22 by 12GAUGE.Admin). I’m curious how many events or how long a period of time your AIP proposes to cover. $275K is a significant amount of money. Would this provide funding for a few years or for a large number of events?

Hi, thanks for the comment.

Yes this is funding for five years to align with the business model. I will make this clearer in the final AIP, I will also reread the suggested AIP to check for overlap and potential savings.

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