📶 Ape Wireless - Feasibility Study - A free, secure, and private wireless network exclusively for Ape owners on a "cold wallet"


Ape Wireless - A free, secure, and private wireless network exclusively for Ape owners, running on a wallet with mesh networking.


Write and deliver a feasibility report for Ape Wireless via a second proposal 14 days from the approval of this proposal. A modified version of the ōRouter will be made specifically for the Ape community (Overline | ōRouter).



Why two proposals?

The first confirms initial interest of the Ape community, while the second long-form document would include the final costs, what should be required to hold to be considered an “APE” who can use the network, delivery timeline, and feedback received from the Reddit post (https://www.reddit.com/r/ocash/comments/118ibmj/ape_wireless_a_free_secure_and_private_wireless/)


If you are a high-net worth individual, most of your services are non-public. A private chef, private car, or private resort. However, almost every single high-net worth web3 individual uses the public internet to interact with their high value digital assets.

Furthermore, concerns over the privacy and security of the internet have grown wildly with the increased number of cyber attacks and thefts of digital assets. As such, it has become essential to develop secure and private networks that allow for safe communication and transactions for high-net worth individuals. Ape Wireless is a private wireless network that is built with advanced security and privacy features, creating an environment for its members to exchange messages and trade without fear of unauthorized access, data theft, or interception.

Proposal Objectives

The goal of this proposal is to evaluate interest in the development of Ape Wireless and present a compelling case for subsidizing free hotspots to BAYC/MAYC who have had their asset at one address at a given snapshot date. The success of this proposal comes when:

  1. This proposal is approved and Overline begins a feasibility report to be submitted with a second proposal in two weeks.
  2. A second proposal is submitted as a feasibility report including the at-cost of the hardware devices and construction of the network.

The success of the feasibility report would complete the following objectives.

  • A. Overline builds modifies its current hardware to provide free unlimited wireless services over a private network exclusively for Ape owners.
  • B. Overline builds a custom mobile application and web interface at www.ape.chat (which it currently owns) that allows Apes to chat directly with each other on the Ape Wireless network.
  • C. Ape Coin Foundation subsidy of an at-cost hardware hotspot, "The Banana’’ which is managed with iOS/Android phones over Bluetooth using the Ape.chat app.
  • D. Ape owners can confidently text, trade, and connect with verified point-in-time owners of BAYC/MAYC/BAKC.


The development of Ape Wireless will involve the following primary components:

  1. Banana Hotspot: Ape Wireless will run on P2P network hotspots called “Bananas” which are custom versions of Overline’s “# ōRouter” networking device. The Banana is hard coded to work with Ape owners only to use and supports end-to-end encryption.

  1. Ape.chat App: Ape Wireless will launch on iOS and Android phones through the Ape.chat app built by Overline. Members can download and install the Ape Wireless application on their devices which uses the Banana hotspot, enabling them to connect to the private network and communicate securely.

  1. Offline Point-In-Time Verification: Ape Wireless maintains a thorough member-verification process which allows the users to confirm real time ownership of an Ape across the network.

Expected Results

The proposed Ape Wireless network is expected to provide the following results:

  • Unlimited free wireless network for texts and trades between Apes.
  • A safer alternative to the internet for Ape privacy, security, and confidentiality.
  • Increased trust among owners and improved owner retention.

Upon Acceptance of Proposal

  • Within fourteen days a complete analyses of the hardware costs incorporating any feedback for things like what should be required to get a subsidized device will be posted via a followup proposal officially on www.overline.network/orouter and at Snapshot.


This is a proposed private wireless network that is designed to provide a secure and private environment for Ape owners to exchange messages and trade securely. Owners will have access to a user-friendly interface that supports multiple devices and platforms. Ape Wireless aims to add value to the entire Ape community and set the standard for privacy and confidentiality among all high-net worth communities even beyond digital assets.

Hey @ApeWireless,

Welcome to the ApeCoin DAO forums and thanks for posting your idea.

Quick question, would you mind sharing how you heard of the DAO and if you’ve had a chance to work with anyone from the community?

I’m a big fan of feasibility studies, especially when the proposal is somewhat ambitious. Do you think it makes sense to add that to the title?

I’m sure members with a better understanding of wireless networks, protocols, security risks, etc will ask more intellectual questions than myself, so I’ll just thank you once again for taking the time in sharing your idea and welcome you to our Twitter Spaces on Fridays at 12:00 pm Pacific.

Good luck.

SSP :vulcan_salute:t4:


Hey there @ssp1111 we are long time Ape holders (well mutant) but writing on behalf of lots of the team. :slight_smile: so we heard of the DAO when the Airdrop was first given.


Added to the title, is that kinda what you were thinking?



Love the idea, but am struggling to see what benefits this adds to DAO as a whole, as, please correct me if i’m wrong, seems to focus on ‘high-net worth individuals’ and they must be ‘BAYC’ and/or ‘MAYC’ holders, and nothing much else. So although I think the idea is dope af, I just scratching my head to see it’s relevance for pushing the DAO forward or adding benefit to the APECOIN community as a whole. I think we need to see some greater inclusion or cut down the exclusion parts perhaps or maybe the term ‘APE’ is a bit ambiguous and I’m simply getting mixed up here (highly likely lol).



Great point, I think there should be a floor of holding Ape coin for a certain period but I am not sure what that floor would be. If we think about it the initial distribution of APE was in the form of a “free” reward but in reality it was a point in time award and you could just sell after which many did. If we want long term holders to really build together we need some incentives for holding for a period of time. I dont think it should just be BAYC/MAYC it should be asset X must be held at same address for X. Thoughts?


Got ya, yep amazing. Agree thresholds or time frames are certainly a great solution paired with asset X.

Hope the study yields great results. GL. Excited to see this come to fruition.



I will ask around and think. Having been through the original “DAO” fork on Eth, I do believe the APE DAO is the most important mechanism to prove daos at the mainstream level. Definately agree there should be thresholds to participate in the wireless network.


Thanks for submitting this idea. I guess this might come out of the feasibility study, but which areas of the world would you be targeting with this wireless network?


The Overline network is a mesh network similar to Helium the coverage is bigger though so we expect the top 120 cities worldwide will have full coverage. Rural regions are hard to estimate but guaranteed places like London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, NYC.


You can skip reading :sunglasses: and watch a video of how Overline uses these “Bananas”. It’s not Ape specific but you get the point: Wireless Mining With The ōRouter


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Great! We would love more discussion if you think its appropriate, hard to gauge interest so I apologize for the hand holding.

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@ApeWireless I find your idea interesting but I find it difficult to find a sense in it to promote ApeCoin.

Could you imagine that this service is only possible if the owner of this terminal owns a minimum threshold of ApeCoin at the time of use ?


Yes absolutely. There will be an ownership tier for Apecoin to use the service at any level owning a BaYC or not. While texts and trades are free Ultimately ApeCoin could pay for upgraded service.


Hi @ApeWireless,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

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