ApeChain: Request for Proposals

ApeChain RFP - Status Update for Proponents

The ApeCoin DAO has received 4 proposals which are currently on track to qualify for the ApeChain RFP. These are: AIP-377: A-Team, AIP-378: Arbitrum, AIP-384: zkSync, and the Polygon ApeChain proposal.

In order for these proposals to make it to vote, they must clear Administrative Review by January 31, 2024.

Here are the relevant timelines for the remainder of the RFP process:

January 22nd, 2024 @ 6PM PST (1-week from today)

  • AIP-377: A-Team, AIP-378: Arbitrum, AIP-384: zkSync, and the Polygon ApeChain ApeChain RFP proposals will go into Administrative Review at this time.
  • Any outstanding questions by the Discourse Facilitators must be addressed by, and any requests for edits to the draft AIPs must be completed, by January 22nd, 6PM PST.
  • Once the AIPs have reached Administrative Review on January 22nd, 2024, the decision to allow any further edits to the AIPs will be at the sole discretion of the APE Foundation, as is standard for all AIPs.
  • During Administrative Review, the APE Foundation and its legal team along with Special Council will review all proposals to:
    • Ensure they meet standard Administrative review criteria of AIPs, and
    • Confirm their eligibility to meet the Request for Proposals: ApeChain per ApeChain: Request for Proposals

January 31rd, 2024 @ 6pm PST

  • This is the deadline for all AIPs to clear Administrative Review in order to qualify for the RFP.
  • It is the responsibility of the proponents to respond timely and to address potential inquiries during APE Foundation’s Administrative Review phase or it may risk their AIP NOT being eligible to vote for February 1st, 2024.

February 1st, 2024 @ 6pm PST

  • This will be the beginning of the voting period for the qualifying ApeChain AIPs which have passed Administrative Review.
  • The voting period will last 13 days, until February 14th, 2024, at 6pm PST.
  • There will only be one round of voting to determine the ApeChain RFP winner.

We understand that meeting these deadlines might involve coordination with various teams and departments. There will be no deviation from the above deadlines.

It is the proponents’ responsibility to work with the APE Foundation to clear administrative review. The APE Foundation will ultimately make the final decision regarding which AIPs qualify for the RFP and go to vote on February 1st, 2024.