ApeCoin DAO is NOT for ape-related projects

Just ape-related projects, that is! Hehe. Sorry (not sorry) for clickbait title.

One criticism I heard about a project up for a vote is that it isn’t exclusively about apes. It’s cool ofc, every opinion and vote is as valid as any other, but it brought up a point that I think should be discussed, decided on, and then explicitly ratified in DAO’s mission considering that the name of the DAO creates a certain impression. (“APECoin so it must be about apes?”)

Whether we only fund ape-centric projects or not is up to DAO as a whole to decide. I am suggesting that whatever we decide, we make the intent explicit in writing as having “ape” in the name may be misleading at first glance.

For me… I think DAO must serve the entire ecosystem because anyone can own $APE. So, by definition, $ape isn’t just about apes. ApeCoin DAO is its own, separate entity that stems from the coin, not the NFT collection(s). The aidrop of $ape was just a benefit / privilege we apes got, a head start. However, if we want everyone else to buy/adopt $APE, it has to extend beyond apes and everyone else must feel like their ecosystems, too, benefit from ApeCoin grants and work.

The goals of only funding ape-centric projects and widening adoption of $APE beyond just apes seem exclusionary / at odds with each other. Either this is only about apes, and we have small adoption (as non-Yuga ecosystems spin off their own DAOs to serve their own audience), or it’s about everyone in web3 / non-ape projects and we have wider adoption.

However, it’s fair to say that ApeCoin DAO should care about ApeCoin only, not $MILK or $PUNK or adoption of any other coin. That’s a given.

side note

(And also that’s a fair criticism of my AIP, fwiw, as though I have long-term plans of $APE adoption with the eventual video game, the first book itself - besides including the story of Apetoshi Punkamoto and how everyone switched from gold to apecoin after the Golden Council corrupted and alchemy labs were discovered - doesn’t directly encourage people to buy/hold $APE in this version of the AIP).

What are your thoughts, fam? Do you feel having “Ape” in the name of DAO is confusing? Should we only fund ape-centric projects or all? And if all, should it be explicitly stated in the mission/somewhere?


Heyo @Sasha,

The confusion in the marketplace is real and it’s up to us as individuals and a community to help educate, inform and otherwise keep telling the story:


Culture has found new expression in web3 through art, gaming, entertainment, and events. The possibilities for blockchain’s impact on culture are so endless that they can’t possibly all be predicted yet. APE is a token made to support what’s next, controlled and built on by the community. It will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse.

We seem to be stuck in a catch-22 currently where it appears that the support of BAYC community to get proposals passed, to have a built-in customer base, to get early traction, etc is a mandatory requirement for AIP authors.

This obviously is not the case but it will take time to shift and will only happen through continued communications.

To your question: we as a DAO ought to be diverse and inclusive and the guideposts have already been explicitly written – we just need to point people in the right direction every chance we get.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Couldn’t agree more, and I know that the majority of our core contributors feel the same way. But as @ssp1111 mentioned, these things do take time to recognize—which starts with us as a collective to continue educating.

All of that being said, the amount of progress we have seen in the past few months since electing three new SC members and the rise of WG0-born initiatives has been nothing short of outstanding; plus, having fresh members like yourself contributing on a daily basis only makes this reality more clear to would-be participants who may be curious, but not yet involved with our ecosystem.

Keep up the great work @Sasha!



Totally agree that we should be more inclusive and serve the vast majority as there are non BAYC/MAYC or NFT holders that hold $ApeCoin too. The main goal is to bring awareness of the utilities of $ApeCoin as priority


I think ideas that revolve around $ape as a currency is crucial.
For starters, my AIP focused on adoption of $ape in India, Meebits House focused on rewarding people to create ideas around $ape and meebits. There are many more that focus on spreading the word. I’m waiting for someone to propose Learn2Earn with $ape. I think another fine example is ThankApe.


Thank you for this post , not being a holdeur of APE/Mayc I felt outside of this DAO.


Me neither, my mutant got liquidated on BAYC 2nd anniversary of all days, so we’re in this as ‘strangers’ together hugs

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I agree I felt this way as well. Although I’ve held $ape and some other Yuga assets for a while, I didn’t feel compelled to learn more about the DAO until I recently acquired a MAYC.

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Welcome to the community @Hurrican, it’s great to have you and thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important topic. I hope you’ll feel open to sharing more of your experiences and thoughts during your time here, new perspectives are incredibly important.

And of course @Sasha you’re certainly not a “stranger” here… if anything, you’re more of a native than many as you are one of the select few who have not only written an AIP, but have had it go entirely through the voting process. That’s exactly the sort of engagement the DAO needs, and at no point did you need any sort of Yuga asset to make it happen. Props.


Hey @Apewhale, welcome to the Discourse. It’s definitely a thing: I know the ApeCoin airdrop really got me interested in ApeCoin in the first place, then the SC elections got me hooked on the DAO and Discourse. We all find this place in our own ways, and I’m always looking to find new ways to bring in non-Yuga-native people into this space.

The important part, as I see it, are people who bring forth ideas and concepts that are not at all Yuga-related, so that we can see finished projects that aren’t visibly tied into Bored Apes or other IP-oriented assets. For my part, I’m most interested in the Process part of this vehicle, and all are most welcome to put forth ideas of their own.

Definitely check out the thread here for a slew of excellent ideas being put forth by our community, for a chance to win some sweet sweet $APE no less:


Hehe :handshake: Just trying to help Hurricane not feel alone, okay!


Thanks I will check thosw out. Much appreciated.


First impression that anyone gets i think its that ape coin its for apes, but from what i can see now its way beyond that, everyone can be part of that not just the apes. besides all the projects that are not connected to ape theirselfs.


This is a much needed topic of discussion. I was from the other side of the fence, despite having my Ape, since I’d sold all my Apecoin last year, I never participated here. But a couple of weeks ago, I ended up buying some Apecoin for staking and got into this Discourse.
I realize after being here for a bit that the Apecoin DAO is about building for Web3 and Metaverse and everyone is welcome to propose here with a view to increase Apecoin adoption through generating utility.
Topics such as this one by you @Sasha is required to bring clarity.
Thanks for this.


True on the past i never got into APEcoin because really sounded that was a thing only for APES, now i hold some Ape and im able to contribute to this DAO the same as an APE holder, and with just a few quantity im able to contribute, learn and above everthing connect and get surrounded by amazing people.


I tottaly agree with this!


Sorry to hear that Sasha.

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