ApeCoin DAO Transparency Report Discussion

ApeCoin DAO Transparency

It appeared ApeCoin DAO has some degree of hiding some transparency issues…

  • This balance of APE 2,500,000 represents loans to market makers.

Who are these market makers ???

  • A loan for APE 750,000 was made to a counterparty that became impaired in November 2022.

Who is this counterparty? The now famous collapsed FTX ?

—— This section has a greater transparency!
3rd name listed as Coinbase etc.

Accounts payable are:

• APE 485,367 of fees payable to Coinbase for custodial services from the Commencement Date to 30 November 2022;

• APE 57,760 of administration fees and the Foundation’s expenses as of 30 November 2022; and

• APE 14,788 payable to Special Council as of 30 November 2022.


Thanks for posting this. Was going to post similar questions after reading the report.

For those interested, these data can be found in section 2.1.2 Loans Receivable. Also interested on what the impact to the DAO/Treasury is based on the 750,000 loan impaired in November 2022. What can be shared today regarding this development?

Who are the other counter parties that hold the other portion of the loan; 1,750,000 APE due on 18 February 2023? Thanks

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