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NFT holders, or including APEcoin holders?

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Hey @GameFive! BAYC/MAYC NFT holders received the airdrop from Life Beyond. The company has mentioned that they will be finding ways to incorporate Apecoin, which is why I follow & highlight them.

They have an Open Alpha that can be played by anybody. It’s only a few of their group missions that are available to be played, but it’s an early taste of what the game mechanics will be. Check it out!


Yuga Lab’s Otherside Metaverse had a successful tech demo over the weekend. Truly it’s shaping up to be “the pride,” of Apecoins ecosystem. There are very few moments in gaming history where users have gathered in such large numbers. The technology built by Improbable.io beat expectations!

We had an early look into Kodas, even meeting more, who landed on Otherside as an event. Ending with a great boss battle, users had to throw themselves at an enormous evil Koda. Ultimately successful in this endeavor, the First Trip came to an end with a short teaser clip.

All users who attended this trip had their Otherdeed NFTs updated to reflect their participation, giving us a first look into ways that dynamic NFTS can be used for users of this new metaverse.

Afterwards, there was a party where Improbable.io’s CEO Herman celebrated and talked about game design in general. There was enormous amount of twitter buzz during the Saturday tech demo, if you weren’t able to attend the afterparty, here’s the link to listen! (available till august 16th)


In so many ways, the technology that our metaverse is being built on exceeds the capabilities of any game that has come before it. ApeCoin is responsible for powering The Otherside, the first of metaverse that will be created on this new technology. There is such a bright future just ahead of us!


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10KFT’s Battle.town - Powered By Apecoin!

Wagmi-San’s Battle.town has begun rewarding its participants with Apecoin. Many projects across the ecosystem are able to participate in these missions. Users are powering up their PFPs using items from 10KTF in this online game. Check out: https://battle.town/faq

Projects supported include: 0n1, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, Cryptoads, Gutter Cat Gang, Meetbits, Moonbirds, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Nounces, Pudy Penguine, World of Women and World of Women Galaxy + more collections. Check the official site or twitter for more details.

Combat Crate NFTs were recently released for sale to obtain combat gear for the game. Sales brought in over 1.3m $APE in two days. It’s a powerful community who are incredibly excited to earn & spend their apecoin. There are frequent onboarding spaces for players to learn more about the ecosystem & game that is being played.


In case it’s helpful, I put together a fairly comprehensive list of Twitter accounts to follow related to Blockchain gaming. Would love recommendations on other people to add. https://twitter.com/i/lists/1446304183355727876


Hey thank you for sharing! Glad to have you on the forums too. I’ll check out the list & expand my horizons. So far I’ve been pretty focused on just whats happening w/ apecoin connected games.


It’s been a quiet last few months for gaming news. I think we’ll see an uptick in notifications & news surrounding the topic of Apecoin related gaming. It’s fun to join the new projects & games!

Here’s what the ecosystem projects are currently doing:

Benji Bananas continues to launch reward campaigns! Additionally, they’ve now opened up a public discord server to further connect their community together and provide new experiences.

Dustland’s Operation Ape missions are now live! Pass holders can earn $DOSE token through exercise & play exclusive missions through this fitness / audio adventure on Android & iOS.

Life Beyond continues to test & release new alpha content for their upcoming AAA MMO. It hasn’t been stated how or if they have any immediate $APE integration planned. Stay tuned!

Tales From The Wild has unfortunately folded due to economic conditions. They were advised to consider seeking a grant from ApeCoin. I will no longer be covering news related to this project.

Additionally, a couple of games have asked for grants to join our ecosystem or expand what they are currently doing. As these decisions are made by the DAO, I look forward to talking about them!


A new Benji Bananas season starts today! Users must play a minimum of 10 games between October 14th → 27th to be eligible to earn $PRIMATE. They continue to adjust the weighting for different stats to tune the rewards. In this event, the following stat weights will be used & more info available on Benji’s Discord:

  • Furthest Distance (40%) — the furthest distance you achieved in a single game during the event phase.

  • Total Distance (40%) — The total distance achieved during the event phase.

  • Furthest World (10%) — the highest world you achieved in a single game during the event phase

  • Total Bananas (10%) — the total amount of bananas collected during the event phase.

Note: You must play a minimum of 10 games over the event phase period for your scores to be calculated for eligible rewards

Anyone can play Benji Bananas on Android & iOS. To be eligible for $PRIMATE/$APE rewards, users must hold a Benji Bananas Membership Pass, available on OpenSea & other marketplaces. Lets swing!


Love this! Personally holding Benji and playing it, got more than 50+ Apecoin so far. I also have a Dustland and I’m running almost everyday, tho the Dose coins are not liquid at the moment, meaning you can’t exchange them for Apecoins. I’ve done some reasearch on that MMO and personally don’t like it much xD. Great thread 0x!


Someone to help me to do more than 2000m ? :sweat_smile:


Haha, just need to upgrade the power ups and you’ll be good I believe. One thing that helps with bananas is to always watch the video that gives you 2x for the run you make.


A strategy that worked w/ me for Benji Bananas was: Not increasing the Swing Boost powerup until I was comfortable. It makes you go much faster, but also makes Benji harder to control. I still don’t have that stat maxxed out. Though for World 6, Slip Slap…It does help to have points into Swing Boost!


A new Benji Bananas Play and Earn event has started. It will finish on December 2, 2022. Players must complete a minimum of 10 games to be eligible for rewards! Full info: https://discord.gg/benjibananas

Rewards will be determined by:

Furthest World (30%)
Furthest Distance (20%)
Average Bananas (40%)
Total Distance (10%)

In other gaming news…

There’s quite a bit going on in 10KTF’s Battle.town. Otherside & 10KTF’s stories are coming together after a recent acquisition by Yuga Labs. Communities and followers of both Otherside & 10KTF are joining forces, now speculating and theorycrafting in Twitter Spaces. (Is…Wagmi-San a Koda?)

In other other gaming news…

Life Beyond’s Alpha is currently closed. We continue to get new updates about the teams progress, as well as hear conversations about future tokenomics. All Ape Holders recieved a special airdrop this year that will get them access to items within the game. This is Animoca-backed, so expect interoperability!


Great update 0x! I’m swinging on Benji Bananas too, so far my best has been 3.9k meters this season xD


yooo love and hate this thread. love because now I got a ton of games to check out I didn’t even know we had and 2. I hate because now I have to say good bye to a bunch of my time since I know I will be playing them for a while lol. Thanks @0xSword for keeping them in one place for us.


Where does one go to recieve the life beyond items?