Apecoin Knowledge Management

Can we create a repository of discussion notes / recordings that people can reference and comment on even if they were not part of the discussion live (many people are double booked or are in a time zone that makes live attendance difficult)? For example, today’s community discussion with the Board.

Ray Dalio from Bridgewater has a policy where every meeting is recorded so that people can always have a repository to refer to. This has been one of the aspects of Bridgewater company culture that has made it extremely effective. This will be even more useful in a DAO setting, where members are globally distributed and are able to come in at different times.


Yes, but this requires a person or small team (2 or three folks) to curate / organize IMO, and is easily a PT job. I am sure (a) good volunteer(s) could be found, and if it became too big of a task, appropriate compensation could be considered / voted on.

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I think we could have a simple MVP - have someone manage the ApeCoin Twitter account, download the data from the Twitter archive, and then post to YouTube / use a tool like Otter AI to automatically generate a transcript.


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If we just had a simple naming convention and recording of all meetings, we could auto sequence and archive them. Would be so useful for new members getting caught up to current state, and for keeping up with developments while maintaining a body and job in meat space. I didn’t even know that meetings were a thing.

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It would be great to have the recordings edited and summarized into 30-60 second Clips. If they need to be longer, then at least edit to cut out all the dead space.

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