APECoin market cap <$B

Hello all. I’m wondering what our response is now that our market cap is trading at a discount to $MANA and $SAND. We all can see the data and stats but it seems as though we’ve lost control of the public narrative. Perhaps generate weekly ‘talking points’ that all of us can spread would be helpful. Rumor and gossip always fills communication gaps. Let’s seize our narrative! Would welcome discussion.
I’m bad… I should have started off by thanking those doing great postings already on Twitter. Thanks for all you do!


I would like to see positive Ape raids to social media of influential persons.


One knock I’ve been seeing on Twitter is that Apecoin has no utility, just used for the latest merch drop and Otherside sale but nothing more. Probably some unrealistic expectations since Apecoin is still only a few months old, but I see the narrative shifting once we start to utilize the coin more and give it more utility.

I do think the talking points you mentioned would be a great idea to highlight and discuss some of the cool things we will be building around Apecoin (once they happen). Could incorporate these talking points into the newsletter BC has mentioned in another post to help inform people.


Twitter Raid targeted to influencers. Great idea.
Now all we need to do is build a list of handles. Please send potential targets! Will also add this to a recap which I will share with BC for consideration in the newsletter. Thanks.

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You’ve nailed it

I guess part of our job is to manage those expectations and fill that narrative void. Definitely goes on recap to BC for newsletter. Thanks.


I totally agree. I was assuming the coin already has its marketing team behind it. Also like a month ago there was advertising that the coin can be used to purchase other things than the NFT drop of the otherside.


I think those other things are coming, just takes a little bit of time


Thinkin out loud…we need ideas on how to convince BAYC/MAYC and Otherside sellers to list in $APE on opensea. Easiest way to help drive demand/price action. Arguably we have the most desired NFT assets but last check only 1 BAYC was offered in $APE. If we are not selling/buying our own assets in $APE how can we convince the public to hold $APE.


A few ideas that could be developed through an AIP (which would increase adoption and further the ecosystem)

  • Identify and fund a game development studio to use ApeCoin as an in game currency with further expansion into the Otherside
  • Identify and incentive some real world businesses to accept ApeCoin as a payment option; for this to work the business would need a liquidity provider so they can get back to USD to pay their bills (vendors, employees and such)
  • Develop a new wallet platform that is based on ApeCoin ecosystem (bye bye metamask hello ApeMask, with better NFT support)
  • Create an easy to use TokenGating solution that other ecosystem websites can use to drop on their site
  • Create a DataDAO and centre it around ApeCoin
  • Create an AR experience like Pokemon Go but cantered around Apes and when you find an Ape in the wild, you can get some ApeCoin
  • Create a chrome plugin to enable tipping across social media
  • Build a better version of Discord that is built on crypto principles from the group up (only login through Metamask or Wallet Connect)
  • Buy a real yacht club and make it the official Bored Ape Yacht Club (joking)

Welcome and thanks for the input. Brilliant. Now how can this be done? What incentive can we provide?

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Love to provide ideas and back these ideas with action if the community feels they have merit. $APE DAO currently has resources to provide financial and recognition incentives to promote $APE coin and may be able to implement them without a dedicated point person or proposal, ex:

Free Gas promotion

Allow buyers in $APE to request a gas rebate up to a certain amount.

Prize Promotion

Every BAYC related NFT listed in $APE gets entered into a monthly drawing to win $APE.

Recognition Promotion

Give the Seller who sells the most and buyer who spends the most in $APE on NFT’s for the month an Award.

But $APE is unique, it is not just a cool cryptocurrency, it’s an extension of one of the most influential NFT projects in the world, $APE should leverage this and partner with brands to provide our community freebies, discounts as well as sponsor $APE incentive programs ex:

Food/Music/Apparel/Experience Monthly Promotion:

Buyers & Seller in $APE can receive free x from this month’s sponsoring company.

Creating ongoing incentives that don’t cost the DAO by working with companies/brands that match BAYC traits like Food, Music, Apparel, Experiences etc. should be part of our focus and that certainly requires dedicated effort and accountability from a community member as well as support from the DAO.

A Proposal can be created for the $APE Marketing & Promotion Team tasked with developing and implementing these incentive ideas as well as others provided by the community upon approval. Budget can be set by the DAO and simply include minimal amounts to cover time & expenses.


bear market btw, what do you expect

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When its market cap falls below its peers, APECoin’s relative price performance is not signaling that it is the premiere leader in this space. One factor that contributes to this is insufficient communication which we’re currently addressing. Communications during a bear market become even more crucial.
When I see an extremely negative comment regarding APECoin, I usually invite people to come join us and see what’s being done and contribute with their energy and ideas.
What are others doing?


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