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I did not use the template im just voicing some thoughts

Introducing “ApeCoin Pets” – Where Play Meets Crypto!

Are you a pet owner and a crypto enthusiast? We’ve got something tailor-made for you and your furry companions! At ApeCoin Pets, we’ve merged the exciting world of cryptocurrency with your pet’s joy and entertainment.

:paw_prints: Crypto-Paw-tainment: Our toys are designed to stimulate your pets mentally and physically. Each toy is uniquely crafted to keep them engaged for hours, whether it’s a cat chasing a laser-etched crypto logo or a dog digging into a squeaky, crypto-themed bone.

:rocket: ApeCoin Integration: With ApeCoin integration, our toys offer an interactive twist. Your pets can ‘earn’ ApeCoins as they play! Imagine your cat pouncing on a digital mouse and ‘mining’ ApeCoins, or your dog fetching a crypto-themed ball that adds coins to their digital wallet. It’s playtime with a crypto twist!

:bulb: Educational Fun: Teach your pets about the exciting world of cryptocurrency in a playful way. ApeCoin Pets toys can be a conversation starter about digital currencies, making it fun for you and your family too.

:globe_with_meridians: Global Reach: ApeCoin Pets ships worldwide, so your pets can join the crypto craze no matter where you are.

:star2: Quality Assurance: We prioritize the safety and happiness of your pets. All our toys are made from pet-friendly materials and thoroughly tested for durability and enjoyment.

Join the ApeCoin Pets movement and bring a new level of excitement to your pet’s playtime. It’s not just a toy; it’s a crypto adventure for your four-legged family members. Order now and watch your pets go bananas over ApeCoin Pets toys! :gorilla::paw_prints::moneybag:

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Great thought exercise - :clap:t4:

Do you have contacts in the pets toys and accessories industry?

Warm intros to the manufacturers, distributors, trade media and retailers would be the game-changer to such a no-brainer idea.

As to the concept of teaching your pets crypto – this would make a hilarious 30-second spoof infomercial - :rofl:. Maybe collab with @LOR3LORD to hit one outta the park.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

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Hi @Xavierfreeway

Interesting, do you have some photos of the products?



funny idea) I would like to see examples of your work


hahhaha this is a funny idea. Definitely see potential of this going viral if marketed in an hilarious way, maybe even ironic or sarcastic way, like “Are you a crypto bro, but your best friend is not? We got you!”

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This is completely in my head and has not been fleshed out but I could get some test and sample products if the community is really into the idea

Sure and I have tons. I haven’t doxed myself yet but will soon. But before then if the community wants me to acquire samples or examples or what the ideas would be I’d love to start doing that.

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You’ll definitely get credit for that idea hahaha. Yeah I was just thinking about it meshing with BAKC and though why isn’t there one!

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That’s true! BAKC and similar collections are like perfect to use as a base for toys.


Interesting idea, I currently have an ecommerce pet store and understand how saturated the market is, do you already have an existing product that you sell, or are you just starting to play around with some ideas?


What toys will you have for extreme chewers? Coz Roxy cannot have any toys with stuffing! Even the most extreme double-stitched chew toy she got into within an hour!

Btw she is 10kg cavapoo and by no means a demonic hound (like my PFP) but she is only allowed extreme chew bones as a result! !hoooooooooooowl


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