ApeCoin Radio: Send Questions to ask the Nominees!

Do you have specific question(s) you’d like the ApeCoin Radio team to ask the nominees for Governance Steward and Special Council positions as they interview them?

You can send them - or general feedback - here:

You can see already-submitted questions here. Do note that the interviews are time-limited so we may not ask every submitted question, but we’ll do our best to spread different questions across different candidates if we can’t ask all candidates all of the questions.


Let’s go – ApeCoin Radio!


I know it’s a thing already… but I need to know what movies people like. Please.


ApeCoin Radio wow, cant wait to heard it, need to ask the nominees some questions then :rofl:


Cant wait to hear more of this, def gonna ask some questions to the Nominees!


This is a simple way of getting involved.

We all have questions racing through our minds about the candidates and why they’re applying, what skills they bring, are they the right fit and so many more.

If you have better questions than these or just something you really want to know, please fill in the form and we’ll do our best to get them asked.


SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


No, no - you should submit also if your questions are worse than these. Especially id they’re worse!!

You never know, the worst question may just make it in… :smiling_imp:


Oh Wow Apecoin Radio thats sounds very interesting. What is it ? Real readyo show coming up ?

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Thanks pretty cool just listening to it :+1:t3: :wink:

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Which other candidate(s) up for election do you feel you’d best pair with to make an effective team?


To all SC nominees and current SC as well I guess (if they are there and willing to answer):

  1. If an AIP is passed to reduce SC salary by 50% would you continue to do the job? (That would be 125K a year instead of 250K - more in line with other DAO paid roles.)
  2. If an AIP is drafted to reduce SC council to four members would you support, if not why not? (Remember we have been running on three SC members quite easily for a long time now in reality.)

Thanks Sasha - if you could ask those questions would be great, as I expect we see some sort of SC salary and member reduction AIP soon, so only fair that candidates be aware this could be a reality, and maybe read the following too to give more context:

We keep saying “our billion dollar DAO” but that’s based on today’s Apecoin price, this can easily change and we should appreciate this and be reducing overspending where possible so that more money can go to projects, and so that the DAO has runway for decades to come (tl;dr - trim all excess asap for our survival long-term).

I was able to cut facilitator numbers from five to three, saving the DAO approx 200K a year on extra staff we’d have no work for (without really that much effort tbh) - I believe we need to be doing the exact same with SC salaries and numbers asap.

Special Council should be well compensated ofc, but not obscenely so, however, the role of SC should also be that of a vocation.

(I expect to see these AIPs after all elections are concluded.)


Is a form really necessary? Seems like overkill and we also have discourse for this reason imo - to make information recorded, easily accessed to all, and traceable so that it’s not lost - a form negates this process and I’m certainly not a fan. Pls include my question for all candidates.

(I will copy and paste it to the form this time as the question is an important one, but I don’t like it.)


You’re right, partly.

I think we erred on the side that some members wouldn’t ask the questions they wanted to ask if it was here or in Discord. But I guess we could have easily done that also, as you have just shown.

I’m not a fan of filling out forms neither, so perhaps in the future we won’t have them.

Thanks for the feedback. Can’t wait to have you on as a guest on ApeCoin radio. After Election Season no doubt.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Thanks SSP1111, LFG!!!


Just submitted some questions via the form :pray:

Excited to hear the candidates speak :raised_hands: :purple_heart:

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A form can be posted in discord, here, on Twitter, and all answers are in one place for us to see. There are 28 candidates to interview in < 2 weeks, we’re volunteers and overwhelmed. So the form just helps to keep it organized. I also set it to be anonymous, if you’re logged in when submitting it should state on the form that your email is not being shared :saluting_face:

Ty for the great questions! On a personal basis, I agree with keeping fat trimmed b/c these things tend to grow out of control and people hate giving up power/pay, so the longer we wait the harder it gets.

One of our biggest expenses atm is the Administrator ($75K/mo). Problem is there isn’t much competition for this in the Caymans and after we booted the first Admin, we had 2 choices left. So if someone can find more choices there, that could mean major savings to the DAO. Or perhaps we move to a new jurisdiction, but that would be a large one-time legal cost, so not a silver bullet either, needs research and long-term cost basis comparison. Anyway, furious (or anyone reading), if you want a task to tackle with major impact, it would be amazing to find an Admin that’s half the cost or less.


yessir, added a link to submitted questions in my original post above

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Just heard “Election Season: Season 2” cant wait to hear more of this, really good vibes and very informative


Apecoin some day will get recognized by the things we do and the community we have! Imagine earing the apecoin radio while driving bro! It would be awesome! :laughing:

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