ApeCoin Tracker : Tracking anon Txns wrt the Treasury

Proposal Name : ApeCoin Tracker

Status : Active in a limited capacity

Twitter Handle : https://twitter.com/ApeCoinTracker or @ ApeCoinTracker (created yesterday)

Purpose : The purpose of this Draft is to get ideas, actionable advice and feedback from the community.

Update : We’re thinking of Integrating ApeCoin Tracker Within AIP 233

Some of the questions →

  • What should be the min cap for a Txn Alert?
  • What Txns should we monitor? Treasury and Staking inflow/outflows, what else?
  • What should be the content structure for an Update. (check out twitter, link above)

You can go through different styles and pick out the ones you like best.

As @0xSword pointed out, I can use different thumbnails to visually differentiate updates. I’m resonating with that idea.

Abstract : Question Everything

Unga Bunga, I’m a Monki :orangutan:

Motivation : Transparency is Key

There isn’t a clear and easy way for users and no users alike, to monitor the balances across all of our accounts. I’m looking to change that.

I believe that information about our finances should be readily available for anyone and everyone.

With this I aim to reduce friction in the process of tracking activity for our users.

Rationale : Accountability

Cause why not :eyes:

Specification : The Bot monitors our Treasury and Staking addresses (all 100 of them + new ones) for big ticket Txns and updates us on twitter.

*new ones as in whenever funds are allocated, that wallet is

We can automate the entire process with the help of Python and Twitter’s Dev portal

Backend : Retrieve data using the Arkham API → Parse it on to the Python Script → Integrate it with Twitter’s API v2

Steps to Implement : The Twitter’s live and the MVP will be live in some time.

  • Take feedback on Proposal and Bot :white_check_mark:
  • Implement Changes :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  • Iterate and launch MVP :saluting_face:

Timeline : The current version is supposed to be an MVP. I’ll add features to it later down the line.

Current features (going live soon) include updates about Big Ticket Txns regarding our Treasury.

I plan on adding functionality to monitor the Treasury in real time either through a nice little dynamic web page which retrieves the data from the Web Scrapper and a reply bot where it provides a reply with the amount left + a graphic whenever you mention it.

Exploring possibilities with different commands to trigger different reactions.

It’ll be able to reply to the comments it receives [one can program it to respond like a monkey lmao] (Powered by GPT-2.5/3) something like ReplyGPT

These experimental features will be rolled out on the basis of reception. These features will require of additional time and effort but will make the bot more engaging for the general audience.

If you’d like to help with its development in any capacity, feel free to leave a reply down below or shoot me a DM. I’m sure we can set something up.

Overall Cost : 0$

The cost for the MVP will be $Nil. Me and SSP will set this up with AIP 223 as a way of collecting important metrics to document progression.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time :heart:

Resources :

The cluster of wallets which form the Apecoin Treasury :
Treasury.pdf (1.7 MB)

Entity name : Treasury
Entity ID : cedc2037-90f0-41f8-90bb-ae80f3e237a5

More Information within the pdf.


We are brothers no? :rofl:

Ultra transparency and in real-time too, WOW, no-brainer for me.

The monkey response idea for me adds a comical and childish slant, which I think you should steer well clear of unless you want this to be seen as a bit ‘joke like’, but that’s a personal thought on a very minor point, that overall probably won’t have a big impact.

I love the idea, already following, very informative and we need this forever, ongoing.


Yessirrrr, That’s the values we hold dear :sparkling_heart:

We’re literally a Monkey jpeg, what’d ya expect :joy:

I’ll set it up in a way that it only responds to like select few replies or we could model the response the way we’d like them to be.

Thanks for your Kind Words, Forever Apes ftw


ooh ooh ahh ahh

Point taken.


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Now that’s what I’m talking about :sparkles:

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I’d like to suggest you to be more entrepreneurial w/ this. Glad to talk more in april

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This is a cool proposal. I will be interested to see whether you want this tracker to be more focused on education about the state of the treasury, which is an ApeCoin DAO public good, versus the transactions of private wallets which hold $APE.

I am also curious what you are asking for from the DAO in this proposal.

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So I’ll track the wallets associated with our Treasury and the Staking contracts for big ticket Txns. (imagine $50k - $100k +)

All of that’ll be automated and in real time.

I don’t think I’ll be asking for anything from the DAO. Think of it as gathering feedback which I could implement to make changes which address that issue.

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We’re also working on several automated streams via APIs to provide some additional insight to the DAO – proposals, snapshots, treasury wallets, etc that could also serve as talking points for the ApeSpaces AIP (will be rebranded to ACT).

CEO and I a little busy with multiple ideas and aggregating community feedback to deliver a better, easier all-in-one Twitter content solution.

Yeah, that’s a bit of a word salad but some fun stuff planned.

SSP :fist:t4:

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Couldn’t have said that better

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I just tossed the bot a follow, very impressive build and a great tool to have! I love the transparency this brings.


Let “private” wallets stay “private”. No need or benefit to tracking private individuals moving funds in or out of staking, to cite an example above. It’s just drama. Anyone truly interested in such things can track it themselves.


That’s a good point Broono.

This was just a prototype to get things working with plans to becoming something more useful. We were also kinda refining the service to only track wallets with large holdings, the type that significantly affect Snapshot voting – would that get your support?

Also, while we don’t have access to any Discourse or Discord APIs, is there anything else you think we should be auto-tracking in order to be beneficial to the DAO?

Thanks for the feedback.


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Hi @ssp1111 Thanks for asking. I can understand tracking wallets directly relating to the DAO as a form of transparency.

As a personal value I respect privacy and can’t see any real benefit to me as a DAO member / voter of tracking an individual’s wallet of any size just because they hold $APE and might vote on something related to the DAO.

EDIT: “1 $APE = 1 $APE but if you have 1 $APE + x $APE we’ll track & doxx your activity” seems weird to me.


regarding tracking private wallets, i think you either track all private wallets or no private wallets. Obviously tweeting every time someone does a transaction on apecoin you don’t want it to tweet, and so therefore my point is, keep private transactions private. There is no point in creating drama every time someone moves ape around.


i completely agree with this.


This the reason why community voices matter – thanks for your feedback @br00no and cape.

So, for now we have our own Treasury Wallets to track and are looking into the feasibility of APIs for Discourse, Discord, Snapshot for appropriate content that might be beneficial to the DAO.

Anything else or any thoughts on the above?


Thank you for your kind words! That’s the end goal, we all appreciate a bit of transparency in our finances cause of our shared beliefs.

If you have any questions , feel free to ask me anytime.

Hey Br00no, I hope you’re having a great day.

Let me start with this, I completely understand your concerns and I’ll try to address some of them to the best of my ability.

Privacy : That issue was in the earlier iteration of this Bot, The newer setup only outputs the Amount and Inflow/Outflow from a particular contract and not the address. (i.e Treasury or Staking Wallet)

This is only limited to big ticket Txns, somewhere around the ballpark of 100,000 K

The plan was to track significant inflows and Outflows from the conglomeration of 100+ wallets which make up our Treasury. Can’t forget about the Staking Contract

Let’s put it this way, when we only query the API for the req. OnChain Data (Txn_amt, Txn_type, Timestamp) and not the Account associated with the Txn anymore.

We’re looking to automate different aspects of our org using APIs to retrieve important metrics which can be beneficial to the DAO. Think of it as Data consolidation and condensation.

As SSP put it brilliantly, we’re just trying out different things and we really appreciate your guys input.

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Thanks for clarifying.

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