ApecoinDAO Video Spotlight

My proposal involves producing an engaging video aimed at illuminating the features and significance of ApecoinDAO.

As a recent member of the ApecoinDAO community with a passion for video creation and a strong involvement in the Web3 ecosystem, I am utilizing my skills to craft an informative video that introduces ApecoinDAO to a wider audience.

Drawing from my experience in creating videos and my deep engagement in Web3 communities in general, this video aims to raise the profile of ApecoinDAO and attract new participants.

Moreover, when i first joined ApeCoinDAO, it rapidly appeared there were several medias, links, platforms i needed to join but i didn’t know where to start.

I felt it would be great to help facilitate access for new comers by presenting all the first steps in one place by answering simple questions .

full video prototype on twitter

Who’s eligible ?

Where and How do the votes take place ?

What are ApecoinDAO’s core values ?

Some achievements of the DAO

ThankApe’s link to join and contribute

if you like the idea you can vote for me here :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


very high quality work.
I do not want to offend the author, but I would change the music. It looks like the soundtrack to a new Marvel movie, not the background music for an explanatory video))))


Any constructive criticism is very valuable to take, thank you for your feedback! This remains a prototype; if by chance I win the contest and my idea is accepted, I will make all the necessary changes.

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We mind not want to keep confusing holders with any Bored ape graphics because apecoin is not a part of BAYC structure or Treasury. It is used by some apes and Yugalabs itself as NON SECURITY gamin token. APECOIN its its own DAO & Community, most of apes are not using it. We need to be welcoming to everyone, specially DEFI developers that don’t own any NFT.


So, would it be better if I only use the coin ?
I’ve just used the images I could find in the DAO, but if they don’t suit, I’ll adapt without a problem.

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That’s a really good idea ! As a newcomer too, it was the same for me and I really needed to find my bearings. Luckily there’s a French chat , as I speak French. Otherwise it’s good work, I really like it. I hope your proposal will be taken into consideration :wink:


Its depends if you have an example and your previous work, also what media you use to post it and how many actual engagements you got. Also: how its benefits the holders?

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great idea ! I like to see video regarding the ApecoinDAO

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You Can check the prototype here


Great initiative and work to visualize the process and guide for newcomers :+1:

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that’s rock :slight_smile:
cannot wait for it

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Thanks you @justzb and @Jolithune , I could also do it in several languages ? Good idea or not ?


Options with subtitles for different languages captions would do , just like youtube

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sure it’s a good idea you can translate it

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Update !

Thank you for your feedback and support :heavy_heart_exclamation:


wonderful work high quality

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Hi Flogirl,

Watched both videos linked above - amazing work, congratulations, lots of time spent I can tell!!!

If I could add one suggestion or maybe it’s better as a question - I think possibly as a consumer of your work I would like to hear some speaking and maybe this would allow the content to wash over me; right now I am intensely reading, and maybe all these links are complimented by text under the video (on YT anyway).

This is in no way a criticism, it is a suggestion from a guaranteed user of your videos/work when it’s ready.

For example let’s say AI Chris Rock or AI Trump was reading it out - I’d be pmsl, engaged and also the content and video would be far more memorable. Even spoken words by yourself or a clear generic narrator would add value without doubt imho.

I’m no creative, so no idea how possible or easy it is to do, (or legal re AI voices), just a thought.

I hope to see many more videos from you, as unquestionably there is a massive gap that needs filling on the video and video-streaming side and platforms.



thank you for your comment, a voiceover would be interesting I will think about all that!


This is so amazing, thank you so much @flogirl !! Congrats again on winning the Thank Ape (AIP-124) Builders Contest 🫶🏻

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Really amazing work, well done!