ApeComms: Simplified

ApeComms: (Simplified)

Original Proposals

AIP-142: Establish Communication Team (ApeComms)

AIP-175: Establish ApeComms

Reason for Return & Resubmission Updates

Reason for Return

Various reasons, summarized:

  • Uncertainty and chaos regarding transition of Administrator and initial Working Group Zero setup

Resubmission Updates

Changes that have been made and why it should now be approved:

  • Total budget and scope have been greatly reduced and refined


This proposal seeks to establish ApeComms as a reliable and trustworthy service provider to the ApeCoin ecosystem. ApeComms will continue to build a presence for ApeCoin DAO on Twitter Spaces through our community segments: AIP Roundup, Special Council Debrief, and ApeCoin Community Hours. We will continue to act as an informal “Welcoming Committee” by onboarding new and existing community members to the ApeCoin DAO through Discourse and Discord. ApeComms will provide mentorship, 1-on-1 consultations with AIP authors, and a platform to socialize their proposals.

This proposal seeks funding for a 3-month period, April 1 - June 30, 2023


ApeComms proposes to provide key services for the ApeCoin DAO, which are currently missing or lack sufficient support and resources.

ApeComms has identified the following problems within the ApeCoin DAO:

  1. Information about the ApeCoin DAO, it’s approved initiatives, and governance processes are difficult to find and understand

  2. There is a lack of full time support and/or resources available for new members, builders, or AIP Authors

  3. The newly formed ApeCoin DAO WG0 Discord requires ongoing support

ApeComms proposes the following services as a solution:

  1. Collect, curate and present all information from within the ApeCoin DAO on Twitter, Discourse and Discord

  2. AIP Education, Consultation, Guidance, and Exposure

  3. Ongoing support for the Working Group Zero Community Discord


The mission and guiding values for ApeComms are:

  • Awareness: Communication in the ApeCoin Ecosystem is curated and consistent.
  • Participation: Driving proposals forward will create opportunities and more demand.
  • Education: Understanding ApeCoin DAO processes & decisions will encourage further action and DAO development.
Key Terms

Key Terms

  • Discourse “Regular” Trust Level 3 - Regulars are the backbone of the community, the most active readers and reliable contributors over a period of months, even years. Because they’re always around, they can be further trusted to help tidy up and organize the community.

  • Working Group Zero (WG0) - Approved by AIP-196, WG0 was tasked with completing an RFP process to replace the original ApeCoin DAO administrators and propose an initial framework for DAO working groups.


The ApeComms Team will perform three primary functions:


  • Collect, Curate and Present all information from within the ApeCoin DAO on Twitter, Discourse and Discord
  • AIP Education, Consultation, Guidance, and Exposure
  • Provide a platform for authors to discuss their proposals, provide community updates, and invite special guests from other DAOs & communities
  • “WG0” Discord Management
  • Consulting and educating ApeCoin community members and AIP authors on AIPs, through Twitter spaces, 1 on 1 meetings, Twitter DMs, in addition to Discord and Discourse messages.

Our Team & Experience:


Vulkan (https://twitter.com/red_vulkan)

  • Tracks ApeCoin DAO metrics using Dune Dashboards
  • Presents data findings in various Tweets, threads, and reports
  • Utilizes data to formulate process proposals, such as AIP-144
  • Writes an official ApeCoin DAO newsletter at vulkan.substack.io
  • “Regular” on ApeCoin Discourse (defined in Key Terms)
  • 10+ years experience as a Software Tester
  • Elected among WG0 Stewards

Lost (https://twitter.com/hodlrcollective)

  • “Regular” on ApeCoin DAO Discourse, Elected among WG0 Stewards
  • Developed an informational marketing channel through The Hodlr Collective, visible on Ethereum at thehodlrcollective.eth.limo
  • 9+ years professional experience managing teams, planning events and marketing specialized products with Fortune 500 brands
  • 6+ years engaged in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Day 1 BAYC & $APE community member/contributor (Death Nuts Challenge survivor '22)
  • ApeComms Community Manager 5 months+

Waabam (https://twitter.com/Waabam_eth)

  • Project Director of ApeComms for past 2 months
  • Selected among WG0 Stewards
  • 2 years as co-founder and manager of a startup
  • 3 years working as a lawyer at a national law firm
  • Received MBA and JD from top 3 Canadian schools

Adventurous Ape (https://twitter.com/adventurousape)

  • Active member of the BAYC community since day after mint
  • Co-established and a mod for the Ladies Lounge Discord, active member of the Ladies of BAYC and Pink DAO
  • Co-organized the inaugural Ladies of BAYC “Not a +1” event
  • Frequent Discourse and unofficial Discord contributor, over 130 days visited and 3 days read time on Discourse
  • Providing 1:1 advice and feedback on AIPs since Aug 2022
  • Assisting people in understanding how the DAO works and the AIP process since Sept 2022, including onboarding fellow ApeComms team member Halina
  • Selected among WG0 Stewards
  • Bachelors of Business Administration and Masters of Science degrees
  • 10+ years background in sales, marketing, and advertising including developing marketing/advertising materials, building and managing a team of sales reps

0xSword (https://twitter.com/0xSword)

  • Ape Newsletter Writer & Frequent Forum Contributor

  • Interested in new $ape integrations & collaborations

  • Member of Apecomms, Thank Ape Board,

  • Participates & engages w/ all $APE ecosystem projects


Halina https://twitter.com/halina_eth

  • Founder of @BoredCalifornia and cofounder of @Chinese_ApeClub BAYC communities
  • Experience as head mod of Lives of Asuna, lead a team of 10+ mods, guided mods & core team through a period of heavy scrutiny and FUD
  • Spearheaded design, logistics, and communications for the ApeCoin DAO sponsorship of the 2022 ETH Global Hackathon
  • Managed over $1,000,000 of student government budget as Chair of Finance in college, guided Senate through 80+ campus programs’ grant requests
  • Elected among WG0 Stewards

Amplify (https://twitter.com/0xAmplify)

  • 6+ Year Crypto Researcher, BAYC since June 2021
  • 3+ Year DAO Contributor, ApeCoin DAO since launch
  • 1 Year Community Manager at Babylon Finance
  • Wrote Web3 Newsletters, User Docs & Onboarding Guides
  • Current Coordinator & Host for ApeComms Spaces
  • “Regular” status on the ApeCoin DAO Forums
  • 80% Voter Participation @ 0xamplify.eth
  • Selected among WG0 Stewards

SSP (https://twitter.com/SSPnft)

  • 18+ months experience in managing Discords
  • 1st Discord Community Manager at Jadu Jetpacks, AVA, AR-focused Gaming Co - jadu.ar
  • 1st Discord Community Manager and Core Team at ExpansionPunks - DEI project - expansionpunks.com
  • Active in DAO set-up at Moonbirds, FWB, Seed Club, Expansion Punks, Forefront
  • Active contributor in Lil Nouns, OCM, Sup3rfest, Coachella, ZenAcademy Discord Servers
  • Metaverse Channel Co-Lead in FWB Discord - Social DAO

Steps to Implement

Communications Structure

  • Directs Administrators to coordinate with ApeComms for RTs from ApeCoin Twitter Account
  • Directs Administrators to assign ApeComms team members as Moderators for WG0 Discord
  • Directs Admins to join new & existing channels for interacting with ApeComms Team


The timeline to implement the ApeComms initiative would begin immediately upon approval. The core ApeComms team formed and began work several months before proposing a formal AIP, so much of the initial legwork has already been done.

Day 0

  • Continue consulting and educating ApeCoin community members and AIP authors on AIPs, through various channels including Twitter spaces, dedicated Discord Channels, and 1 on 1 meetings, Twitter DMs, Discord and Discourse messages, and email.

  • Continue hosting tri-weekly Twitter Spaces across time zones to ensure community voices are heard.

  • Continue hosting individuals & teams on recorded Twitter Spaces to explain their proposals to the community, and answer the forum feedback live.

  • Continue weekly ApeComms team meetings, documenting and begin reporting team meeting minutes.

  • Continue reporting on discourse participation, AIP proposes/passed, snapshot statistics, % of delegated votes, proposal costs

  • ApeComms would provide reporting on new datasets as they become relevant

Overall Cost : 15,000 APE




Love this simplified version :fist:t4::partying_face:.

ApeComms has been doing this work for the last seven months, so glad to see that the team (myself included) will carry on doing this work even after the Stewards and Working Group Zero contract ends on March 31st.

SSP :fist:t4:


Nice, glad to see this back on the docket. You all have my full support, as always. ApeComms continues to show how vital they are to this ecosystem and I’m confident in their eventual success.


love the work. team is working really hard to guide and educate ape comunity.


Hey Chris!

Thank you for the bid of confidence and your ongoing support of our live content !

One interesting thing to note, thinking back to your first Special Council bid, this ApeComms proposal would cover our services through the next round of Special Council election stages going into this June.

We were the only team to host a full series of stages during the first ever Special Council election, and we were able to elevate many members from the community during that first series. From my perspective hosting during those stages, we had a fairly significant impact on the nominees understanding of the DAO, the position they had nominated for, and ultimately impacting the DAO as a whole.

Thank you again,


Any more details on the costing side?



Hey @furiousanger,

It maybe prudent to add this note from our Abstract to the Overall Cost section. While we do enjoy performing this work for the community, we have always presented these services at a cost, though we have done the work for free since before last August. The teams time commitment to this initiative without payment from any sources is not sustainable, however, we still see an ongoing need for the deliverables stated in this proposal.

Thank you,


Thanks, yes I missed that part. Perfect answer. LFG!


I think this is a key point of why we need a team, like APECOMMS, in place always.


Thank you and wish you the best of luck with this.

I have attended several APECOMMS spaces in the past and they are a very valuable resource for people within, and outside, of the DAO, imho.

Your team is undoubtedly talented, have relevant and relatable expertise, so it’s a no brainer imo that we get this passed.

Kind regards, FA.


Hi Team
Firstly I think the items laid out in this proposal are necessary to promote ApeCoin DAO and improve awareness and quality of AIPs. Being candid though I have always struggle to map the Team to the tasks and associated time commitment, particularly where we have team members who I believe already receive DAO funding for some of the items.
Somewhere it would be great to spell out ‘who’ does ‘what’ and the associated time commitment relative to 5K $APE per month. Having the proposal at this level of granularity would be good because ultimately we should be targeting opening up these roles for community members to apply rather than direct appointment. I am very supportive but would love the AIP to spell this out along with the process to open up ApeComms roles for wider community application over time.
Thanks St01c


Thanks for your support as always @StoicDegen.

Two responses to your questions, one answer and one just a personal opinion of mine, not necessarily reflective of ApeComms:

AIP-175 detailed everything you asked down to the hours, rates of pay, comparative Web2 comp, roles and responsibilities, tasks, etc – still got rejected.

This is ApeComms Simplified where the entire team is doing everything, every day to keep the information flowing, both within the DAO and externally across the Web3 ecosystem. Trust me, we’ll hold each other accountable within the team if the work ain’t being done. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Personal opinion regarding active contributions to the DAO:

As in all DAOs, I think there’s ample opportunity for anyone to write up a proposal that they believe brings value to the community and if the members agree, they ought to be compensated.

In addition, these opportunities will only increase as the Working Groups concept form and the community is expected to pick up the slack from what the initial admins were responsible for.

The problem will not be a scarcity of “jobs”, but not enough members stepping up to do what needs to be done to keep the DAO functioning.

FYI - this proposal is just for a 3-month period to begin (April 1) right when Working Group Zero and the Stewards’ agreements end (March 31).

Appreciate that this may not answer all your questions, but having gone through this twice with every job detail itemized and still being rejected, we’re taking the simplified route this time so we can continue doing the work we do on a weekly basis for the DAO.

SSP :fist:t4:


First of all, congratulations on the work done for a long time.

Allow me to make a few remarks…

Why not use the current structure of working group zero to try to continue after these 3 months of existence?

In particular, there could be a communication working group, with specific missions and perhaps enrolling members other than those we can see most of the time? (official newsletter, elected stewards, etc…)

Of course, these members are very active, efficient, but aren’t there others who could also deserve to be included in such a list?

At my small level of skill and contributions, I wanted to submit an idea to you for a simpler and more effective communication.

Most of your communication media concern Twitter Spaces, but as we often say: “the words fly away, the writings remain.”

Also the constraints of schedules do not necessarily allow everyone to attend…
Written reports would be interesting to be published.

In terms of writing, a Discord discussion group is effective but it is not very practical to keep informed… unless you are connected to it every day.

There are also official Newsletters, but which are not necessarily read, and which are not known to potential new members who would like to be informed.

Overall, there are no effective media for finding information in a simple way, and especially for accessing ecosystem news.

If I was part of the ApeComms team, I would propose the creation of a news website for the APE ecosystem, including a section dedicated to ApeCoin DAO.

I’m sure finding a news about ApeCoin DAO next to a news about the next Mini-Game DookeyDash might get more people on board to be interested in the ApeCoin DAO, as already said from my mouth, "make ApeCoin DAO sexier…

You deploy a lot of energy and time through Spaces, maybe you need more on written content?

Why not partner with The Bored Ape Gazette, for example, to build a well-enriched ApeCoin DAO section?

In short, congratulations again for your involvement BUT perhaps you could imagine another operation with new tools and potentially new members.


Heyo @dyorjdr – thanks for posting your ideas and thoughts and yes, you are 100% on the right track!

If you review our previous proposals we had plans for wider distribution, more written materials, more educational resources, more infographics, space in the budgets for bringing on more active contributors, and basically creating the platform for a more robust communications and information hub. While we achieved 87% support in favour from individual wallets, we lost.

This proposal is nothing more than a simplified version of ApeComms that we feel the DAO could easily support without an 18-page AIP :laughing: (which was the previous proposal).

Keep in mind, once March 31st rolls around, the Working Groups may or may not be in place, the process to join such a group may or may not be defined and who knows, the Stewards may still have to pick up the workload that The Cartan Group used to manage - which leaves the DAO with much to do and not enough members to get them done!

So, this is just our way of anticipating what may or may not happen come April 1st as we certainly do not want the DAO scrambling for last-minute proposals.

Again, appreciate your ideas – I encourage you to write-up a proposal to “Make ApeCoin DAO sexier”, gather your resources and follow through with an AIP. We can always figure out ways to work together so that we’re exponentially more effective and valuable to the DAO. Should this AIP pass, we could always help you with your own AIP with an eye towards collaboration.

This is exactly what our proposal states as an identified problem and suggests our work as one of the possible solutions :laughing:.

Appreciate your support as always and look forward to working together one way or another.




I love the APE acronym, and I think its a great start - basic resources for all $apecoin holders to understand the voting process, simplifying the submission process for AIPs, and likely creating new pools for an accelerator, etc are all needed… But moreover… I hope you’re baking in a budget for FULL TIME customer service members who are troves of information and can always answer these questions.

At this stage I think we need to allocate real money towards team members who support curious new community members to learn quickly and confidently to contribute in the same way.


Here for it… Long live ApeComms.

We need you :muscle: :muscle:



Totally agree with your thoughts i have learnt a lot while being part of this community


Hey Cameron,

That APE acronym came about so naturally that we initially didn’t even realize we had included the words to create it in our original Mission Statement. The concept being that raising awareness for the ongoing activities, initiatives and process changes in ecosystem would lead token holders/non-token holders to seek more education, and in turn end up participating in some way. So we actually started with Awareness - Education - Participation before @Amplify noticed the opportunity to create the acronym there!

The scope of this proposal was reduced further from our original proposals in order to address the communities desire to see projects start small and prove they’re capable before moving on to larger initiatives. That said we have been doing this work throughout the proposal processes, since last year, and feel we are capable of growing this initiative if the community votes to agree that there is a fit for the ApeComms deliverables in this market.

Thank you for your support,


Thank you @ssp1111 for your comment.

Overall, I am rather against the multiplicity of proposals / structures / groups that look alike, to finally arrive at a common goal…

I believe that my idea of ​​"Apecoin News" could fit perfectly into your missions or even better into an official working group of ApeCoin.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to discuss this subject when the administrative structure is back in place and when we can all build together peacefully.

If need to extend a mission via a common AIP with members of ApeComms or WG0, it will be a pleasure to participate and be part of this project at your side.

But yes… we have to make the ApeCoin DAO sexier! :slight_smile:


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