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I’ve been building successful internet businesses since 1995 starting with a concert vacation company with website that integrated with very old tour operator tech to bring one of the very first hotel package booking systems to the web. This is before APIs.
I went on to build Europes biggest affiliate marketing network Affiliate Window (Awin.com) which allowed online businesses to build cost per action (CPA) models into their sites and benefit from hundreds of thousands of affiliate sites who were willing to advertise retailers in return for a commission. I built the original tech for this in PHP with MySql and built this business to over $170 million in revenue each year before exiting in 2012. Fancircles is a Superfan platform for music artists and is one of my current roles. I built this with my team many of which have been with me through various businesses.



ApeID will work in a similar way to AppleID, Facebook login and Google Login and will allow any site to integrate and register their users via a web2/web3 friendly login.

The key benefit to this is it will onboard users weather or not they hold ApeCoin but also allow current ApeCoin holders and web3 users to connect their wallets. Virtual wallets for none web3 users will be set up and this will allow for claiming rewards in ApeCoin if the user decides to claim.
There is no need for a user to be web3 friendly whatsoever, but the benefits will be clear to the user if they decide to connect their wallet.
ApeID will integrate with any site using JavaScript/OAuth 2.0 standards by my expert team and will be clearly “powered by ApeCoin” throughout the end user experience. There will also be WordPress and Shopify plugins as well as an SDK for both IOS and Android integration.


ApeCoin will benefit in several ways. This is possibly the most important development for ApeCoin and ApeChain is it will allow for mass adoption and mass exposure for ApeCoin. It will act as a bridge for hundreds of thousands of online businesses and services to allow their users to connect with ApeCoin which will then benefit these users with real world tangible benefits and of course points that can exchanged for ApeCoin.

This can become the loyalty card for web3, and benefits not only primarily the Apecoin ecosystem but also offers the ability for Apecoin to become the coin of choice for other web3 businesses. This would also work together with MocaVerse’s Realm Network to maximise its potential.


All coding will be built with my team of in-house experienced developers as well as external UI/UX developers who have the nessasry experience to implement this solution to the same high standards as systems like Google Login and with the highest levels of data security and scalability.

The timing on building this out to V1 would be around 4-5 months. This would represent a go to market solution ready for mainstream adoption.


Updates will be reported quarterly in the same way as I conduct investor updates for other companies I act as chairman for.


The initial amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund would be for software development and QA testing, with additional costs for marketing, advertising and ongoing development, improvements and upkeep to follow. I will update this AIP idea with a detailed breakdown over the next few weeks after taking onboard ideas and questions.

Remember this is an idea that will be expanded upon during the next week or two and acts as a place holder for a much bigger vision for ApeID to become the de facto web2 to web3 onboarding mechanism from me and my team to build on with the help and support of your ideas.

I have the backing my Awin in onboarding up to 30,000 retailers worldwide as a baseline figure and of course the ability to integrate this within music artist sites through my company Fancircles as a stand alone product and to current clients.

Costs will include software development as well as marketing and advertising costs and tech support for new integrations.

So it is a marketing platform, as many others exist.
What do you think is special about this one? It doesn’t seams to be DEFI focused.

I really like the idea of having a branded ID which works with the branded ApeChain, as it makes the process more end-to-end without needing to get a centralized behemoth like Google involved. However, can I ask for a slightly simplified explanation of this?

When I use AppleID, for example, I’m able to use my fingerprint or my password to access my apple devices, my email, my photos and to sync it all together in iCloud. When I use my Facebook or Google ID, I can use them to log into various websites, which will automatically connect me without needing to create a new username or password. For ApeID, what kinds of websites would this connect me to? Would I also have the option of using my GoogleID instead if I preferred that? Is there something that would make this ApeID more “Web3” than the other options, like being able to connect to a Ledger or having a seed phrase instead of just a password? Sorry for all the questions. I’m just trying to better understand this cool tech.

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