ApeTalent (AIP-91) is almost here

Amazing @Awesomerrificus, Let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions :blush:


Thanks to all of you and your feedback these weeks, we have been able to improve and release ApeTalent version 1.0. Here you can see a small summary of the different changes and improvements in this beta thanks to your feedback.

  • Add integration with tokenproof (This is something that we did not have added in our roadmap for 1.0 but it is something many of you have asked us for and your feedback is the most important thing for us. Thanks to all of you :heart:)
  • Optimization uploading images/files in skills (thanks @Brazy)
  • Improve landing showing what users will find within the platform and in the future there will be sections open to the public (thanks @supriyo)
  • Issue using tokenproof in the login (thanks @Nik and nilzen)
  • Fix issue rendering links in the cards
  • Improve responsive in mobile
  • As a result of the use that users gave to the platform, we made improvements in how some elements were displayed in the profile, such as “about me” (among others), so that they had more weight/importance
  • Improve UI in how the tags were displayed on the cards
  • Add URL support in WYSWYG editor (thanks @Vulkan)
  • Several UI improvements when the user does not have certain fields of their profile

Thanks to everyone to make this possible :heart:


Website looks amazing, can’t wait for it to be live and connect with apes all over the world! Great work!


This is a great idea. I’ve got a unique skill set that may be of value, and I would rather hire a fellow Ape too.

Edit: got access to work on desktop. Can’t on mobile.

Looking fwd to seeing this project flourish, and maybe participate.

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Thanks @br00no for your feedback and kind words.

Regarding the problem in login with mobile, I answered you by DM so that we can follow up and find out what happens.

Regarding your skills, surely someone can find it useful to start having synergies of some kind and I even think there must be some other skill that you think is not useful for others but it really is.

Thanks to use the platform :heart:


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