ApeWater as the Wheaties Box of Web3

Company Background

Ape Beverages, founded on January 27, 2022, is a company focused on providing natural spring water in sustainable packaging. Based in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Ape Beverages markets its flagship product, Ape Water, as a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to sugary drinks. The water is sourced from local natural springs, filtered through ancient volcanic rock, and packaged in infinitely recyclable cans. The commitment to sustainability includes ensuring the product is free from fluoride, sulfates, and tap water.

The Mission

With their mascot, Bingo the Ape, their mission is to inspire one’s primal nature by going ape and drinking more water. Bingo wants everyone to take themselves less seriously and have more fun as they champion their primal peak. The company emphasizes a minimal carbon footprint and aligns itself with the digital community by integrating Web3 technology and intellectual IP in their branding. This positions Ape Beverages as a modern and conscious brand that appeals to eco-conscious and tech-savvy consumers.

The Perfect Trojan Horse

ApeWater serves as a trojan horse, using the can as the ultimate billboard proliferating web3 IP to the masses with partnerships at events like The Game of Legends, featuring global soccer superstars Ronaldinho and Kaka. Through their strategic investor, Dallas Austin, who himself is a renowned songwriter and record producer (Madonna, TLC, Boyz 2 Men, Gwen Stefani), ApeWater is also making waves in Atlanta, appearing at events with Cee-Lo Green, American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor.

Becoming the Water of Web3

In addition to web2 events, ApeWater has also been very present at several web3-focused events over the last few years including the Bored Ape Yacht Club/NTS event at Art Basel in Miami, sponsored the Overpriced JPEGS Tour with Carly P Riley in Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and NYC, and even produced their own event during NFT LA called World of Water featuring water-themed art and live performances.

The Wheaties Box of Web3

Their IP licensing model is different than most web3 brands in the space that usually use the IP of their own NFTs to build their brand around. Rather, ApeWater has purposefully chosen to license the IP of prominent NFT collectoors in the community, starting with their genesis ape (#5382), then owned by Pudgy Penguins CEO, Luca Netz. They then worked with J1mmy.eth and his pilot helmet ape (#3628) to serve as the 2nd ape on the can. Most recently, they worked with an OG ape (#768), Cryptopainter, to serve as the ape on all current cans, which can be purchased on their website (www.apebeverages.com) or even found in Miami as the exclusive water of fellow MBA business, Bored Cuban!


Blazing a Trail

ApeWater continues to build explore collaborations and partnerships with other apes and businesses, both web2 and web3 alike, to push forward the idea that successful brands can be born of the swamp, competing for shelf space among the biggest and most established brands. With a strong product and skillful execution, a brand can be successful no matter where the IP comes from. This approach not only advances ApeWater’s mission, but also paves the way for other Web3 products and brands to grow and thrive in competitive retail markets for years to come.