Application Announcement - ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitators Term Beginning June 2023

The following post is the Application Announcement for the ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitator positions for the term beginning in June 2023 and ending August 2023. This announcement marks the start of the Discourse Facilitator election process. Per AIP-240, this post will cover everything you need to know about:

  • General elections housekeeping (e.g. where things will live on Discourse)
  • Details on the application and election process
  • Timeline for the application and election process
  • The requirements, responsibilities, and expectations for the Discourse Facilitator position.
  • The application process and how to apply to become a Discourse Facilitator


A new category has been added to Discourse called Discourse Facilitator Elections. This is where election resources will live. Within this category, there are four sub-categories:

  • Announcements

    • This contains high-level nomination and election announcements for the discourse facilitator election cycle.
  • Discourse Facilitator Applicants

    • During Phase 2 (timeline below) this sub-category is where the community will be able to engage with, ask questions of, and seek clarification from Discourse Facilitator Applicants on their Applicant profile pages. Applicants have submitted an application and are pending the KYC and background verification process.
  • Discourse Facilitator Election Candidates

    • Applicants’ profiles move from “Discourse Facilitator Applicants” to “Discourse Facilitator Election Candidates” if:

      • Their KYC and background verification process is completed.
  • Rejected/Withdrawn Discourse Facilitator Nominations

    • Any application that is withdrawn by the applicant, rejected by a community vote, or withdrawn for any other reason will be moved here.

The Application and Elections Process

The application process for ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitators was initiated by AIP-240, which outlines a preliminary process for community members to participate in ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitator elections. The application process is as follows:

  • Phase 1: Starting Friday, April 28th, applicants are invited to put themselves forward to become a Discourse Facilitator. The Application Announcement (this post) facilitates the submission of applications via a Google Form. Applicants should submit their KYC information, relevant documents, and nomination statement.
  • Phase 2: The community may discuss the nomination profiles of those who have applied.
  • Phase 3: If there are more than 2 qualified Applicants, there will be a 6-day vote on Snapshot (consistent with the usual Thursday to Wednesday cadence for AIP votes). The top 2 Candidates from the Discourse Facilitator election vote will be onboarded to the Discourse Facilitator initiative.

The election process for ApeCoin DAO Discourse Facilitators was initiated by AIP-240. This election process helps to ensure that governance runs uninterrupted and allows talented, passionate, and capable members of the community to facilitate the DAO-approved governance process first outlined in AIP-1. The election will run on Snapshot, consistent with the usual Thursday to Wednesday life cycle for AIP votes. The election will designate 2 candidates to be Discourse Facilitators beginning in June, as outlined by AIP-240.

Application and Elections Timeline - 2023

  • April 28th - May 5th: Applications are open (Phase 1)

  • May 6th - May 17th: The Ape Foundation will perform the KYC and background verification of the Applicants, and the community will have the opportunity to discuss the nomination profiles of those who have applied. (Phase 2)

  • May 18th - 24th: Election period via Snapshot to select from the Applicants the next 2 ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitators. (Phase 3)

Responsibilities, Requirements, and Expectations for the Discourse Facilitator position

Discourse Facilitators: The team of moderators and administrators in Discourse providing operational support and project management support for the Foundation.

The Facilitator role responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing new users’ profiles and posts to Discourse.
  • Troubleshooting user profile issues.
  • Coordinating with authors to move AIPs through the pipeline and informing the community of these updates according to DAO approved guidelines.
  • Creating Draft Analysis Reports (DARs), including a series of questions to authors, for Administrative Review.
  • Coordinating an AIP Status Board via a Project Management Tool.
  • Coordinating amongst themselves as Facilitators.
  • Coordinating with the APE Foundation Administration Team.

Qualifications for Discourse Facilitators:

  • Trust level 2 (Member Badge) on the ApeCoin Discourse.
  • Availability and full-time commitment, with the flexibility to monitor the community and respond to issues as they arise, including evenings and weekends if necessary.
  • Excellent written communication skills, with the ability to communicate effectively with community members, build rapport, and convey complex information clearly.
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, prioritize workload effectively, and meet deadlines.
  • Knowledge of the ApeCoin DAO, with a strong understanding of the AIP process and the APE Community’s vision and values, as well as the key issues and trends in the industry.
  • Patience and empathy, with the ability to listen to community members, understand their needs and concerns, and provide constructive support.

Additional Requirements and Information:

  • Discourse Facilitators must complete KYC
  • Discourse Facilitators will be subject to contractual obligations with the APE Foundation
  • Discourse Facilitators may not receive compensation for their role as a Discourse Facilitator outside of that compensation expressly provided for in this AIP.
  • Eligible members of the ApeCoin DAO may not hold either a Steward role, Special Council Role, Discourse Facilitator, or DAO Secretary role concurrently.

The Application Process - How to Apply

We are currently in Phase 1 – applications and applicant verification (applications are in the Google Form linked below).

If you would like to be a Discourse Facilitator for the ApeCoin Community (term beginning in June 2023) you must submit your application to the Google Form which is attached below.

Please complete this Form to submit your application to be a ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitator.

At the Google Form linked above, you will be asked to submit the following information (All information denoted as private will be treated as confidential):

  • Applicant Information: The Ape Foundation is a legal entity that must collect information and documents for KYC purposes. The information provided shall remain confidential, or made public on the nomination profile at the discretion of the Applicant.
Information Provided Required? Share Publicly?
Full Name Yes Optional
Discourse @username (must have Discourse profile on & at least 1 ApeCoin in a connected wallet) Yes Yes
Twitter @profile Yes Yes
Email Address (the same one used in your Discourse account) Yes Optional
Nomination Statement No Yes
Educational Background (subject to verification) Yes Optional
Professional Background (subject to verification) Yes Optional
  • Nomination profile: The Applicant completes the nomination statement to build their case to the community on why they are the best suited for the ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitator role. This nomination statement will be published on the Discourse. Applicants may send direct message to @Lost.Admin to indicate which Optional information to share publicly, if any, to further build their case to the community.

Once an Applicant submits their information and nomination profile, a KYC and background verification process will take place to verify the information submitted. The Ape Foundation may engage an independent, third-party service provider to complete this process. This process may take up to 12 days. Applicants may, at any time, request to withdraw their application by direct messaging the request to @Lost.Admin here on Discourse.


Excited for this and the future of DAO regarding how even accepting new people for specific roles will be done by DAO!
Good luck all!


Great post - organized and detailed.

Three questions come to mind:

Was this requirement (below) in place for previous Discourse Facilitators or is this something new to the role and to new applicants only?

Have these requirements (below) ever been in place for previous candidates, roles or election processes or are these new rules to new applicants only:

If an independent, third-party is NOT engaged to carry out the KYC process, who specifically will have access to this confidential information:

For the community’s benefit, it would be good to know why the items highlighted above were included in this KYC and application process when previously they may or may not have been.

Thanks for the transparency.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:



These are great points, for me I’d prefer to have criminal record checks over education and employment checks.

A larp is probably gonna be a lot less dangerous than a convicted felon imho.

Tl;dr - it’s probably a good thing.

NB: Don’t let any of the questions put you off from applying people, be honest - that’s plenty good for me.


Thank you Lost and team for organizing this thorough specification doc + election process!!

So excited to see which new Discourse facilitators will be working with our community 🫶🏻

I highly encourage everyone who has the qualifications to apply for this role, as it’s a key one to keeping our DAO proposal process running smoothly & empowering proposal authors to bring their ideas to life!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Fine, Halina. But only because you insisted.


I agree, but would add it’s important to evaluate criminal records on a person-by-person basis as charges can vary widely.

You’re 100% correct though in encouraging honesty and open communication in the applications… helps build trust and ensures a more inclusive and equitable environment for all. :hearts:


Isnt all of this actual part of currendt Admins job description?

Please be aware of current restriction of hiring or collaborating with Russia National passport holders.
Read restrictions from 2014 and posterior. Major one come in place last year and now one more. Please be aware of new regulations, including notifying every consultant or employee holding rashian document about termination of visas, green cards and employments in many countries, including subcontracting or information managing. We should look into the potential affect to this DAO and keeping it safe with current environment.

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Hi Vandy,

I was just playing devil’s advocate, trying to be smart, and highlight a factor which I felt was overlooked.

Example being - We elect three stewards to our Treasury WG. Two unfortunately have multiple convictions for theft and/or embezzlement, we’d never know this ofc, and you can probably guess the rest of my point re treasury funds…

Also the term ‘qualification’ was a very poor choice of words imo. I believe it could have been better described as ‘experience’.

As English is my only language I wonder whether the term ‘qualification’ when translated into other languages is putting off capable candidates as they truly believe there are such things in West? Not sure, but had fun exploring the thought ngl.

Tl;dr certainly agree it would be done on a person-by-person basis, but at the same time some crimes are different. We should preform these checks before employment starts (redone on a yearly basis if applicable).

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Thank you for sharing. If you have supporting official publications or documents - you can also put a new AIP to offer removing those stewards immediately and I will support anything that I see to be done correctly. Please do so if what you saying is true as soon as possible.
With more cracking regulations as well as investigations and even fining those who dont run business correctly , including and not limited to USA regulations, but everyone on such coalitions - we have to stay safe!

Example - hiring , consulting, subcontracting personally or other companies/agencies or not firing individuals who still holds russhian “terrorist” travel or national document , regardless to other documents/green card or visa/ engaging in information exchange with them that it tech or documents related, personal data related and so on, and other things related to russian state
GoldmanS bank is under investigation right now
If we have any such Contracts/Approved AIPs/Subcontracts or anyone here from AIP participating in such practices I understood from that update that we can cancell all of those immidiately without any notice

Oh i fprgot to put my many languages into… or wait… skills were never asked or languages lol.

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It was an example, not an actual event.

I think this is brilliant though, as it reminds me to be more careful with my language at times as sometimes in translation these small details are lost due to sentence constriction and we are a multi-language community, with speakers of English as a first language being the minority.

Just to clarify, no accusations, just giving an extreme example that could transpire one day, if we don’t put these checks in place as standard.



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I think your original point was spot on, I just wanted to ensure we allowed for people who have made mistakes to have equitable access & opportunity… assuming they’re conviction is not somehow prohibitive for a specific position. I’m glad you flagged that as an important piece of an application process for the community to think through.


Totally agree, convictions should not exclude, however, certain types of crime possibly should.


It was just a though as we go the route we’re currently on.



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The responsibilities of the Community Discourse Facilitators are not part of the current Administrator’s job description. They were one of the things transitioned from the previous Administrator to the community as part of Working Group Zero.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

We would like to thank all the participants who submitted their applications for the Discourse Facilitator positions in accordance with AIP-240.

The application period has ended, and we are happy to announce that the KYC and background verification process has begun. Once completed, the Nomination statements will be posted in the Facilitator Applicants sub-category for community review and discussion.

As per the previously approved timeline, the voting period for the new Discourse Facilitators will begin on May 18th and end on May 24th, further communicated above in the Application Announcement.

We encourage all members of the community to continue to participate in the voting process and selecting the best candidates. Once again, we would like to extend our best wishes to all the applicants. We appreciate your interest in contributing to the ApeCoin DAO community in this capacity.

Thank you,



After the 3 month term of ApeCoin Community Discourse Facilitators, would a new proposal need to be written and passed to have this role continue to exist?

I did not apply this round but look forward staying close as I believe I may be able to contribute in a similar capacity in the future. Thanks, @Lost.Admin!


From my understanding after the first 3 months the facilitators would be selected by the Ape Assembly. That would be assuming the role is still necessary.

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Hello @NANA!

The Discourse Facilitator role falls under the purview of the Governance Working Group. It would be up to the 3 Governance Stewards to determine if this role is still necessary after the budget runs out, and then request an additional budget for this team with their Working Group Budget Proposal coming in the final 15 days of August.

The Ape Assembly only facilitates elections for the Stewards of other Working Groups. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the clarification ser

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