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(this topic is dedicated to discussion amongst and collaboration between ApeCoin forum members who have an artistic interest. Example use-cases include coordinating meme-craft, organizing exhibitions & virtual galleries, and sharing what you’ve been working on lately)


Ape artists are a very special kind of ppl. I´m focused on AR and 3D animation for verified ape holders. And I would love to develop AR filter for every BAYC holder.
AR examples


oh wow! that’s super cool. Those AR examples are pretty impressive, thank you for sharing them here and gracing the ApeCoin forum Artists’ Guild with your creative talents :artist:


I’m here to add some art!


Love this idea, i’m an artist and i have my own female ape project Club de Beauté:

i’d love to contribute in any kind of way, honored to be part of ape community and as one of the female ape representative.


Thanks for starting this thread! I am very interested in contributing to or helping to curate an exhibition of BAYC derivatives. My GF Meirav Haber and I are the creators of Bored Ape Not Club and we have been making derivatives since May 13th 2021. We mix and match traits from the 10 apes we both own to create custom apes for people based on pop culture icons.

I think it would be great to highlight artists that are actually holders of BAYC, there are so many ape derivative projects out there that are not started by ppl within the community so I think it’s important for us as apes to highlight our peers from within and make sure we’re shining the light on “authorized” derivatives using BAYC IP to further the community.

There’s so much talent within this community and we are both ride or die BAYC so any way we can help contribute is an honor to us! Hyped to brainstorm some ideas with you all and hope to see some apes at NFT LA!


this is dope! hope you achieve that goal!


I saw it. Nice AR. Good Job mate

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@BITFASE - this might be a good place to share your coins as well

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Well im an abstract artist, would love to collab with bayc

Well here’s some of my abstract art in open sea

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