BAYC / MAYC Collectible Trading Card Game

I would love to put together a BAYC / MAYC collectible trading card game. I think that in addition to creating physicals that all BAYC/MAYC owners would love, this could be very profitable for the DAO and allow us to reach a wider audience. I am really not sure the logistics of IP rights but I don’t want to claim anything from people I just think it would be really cool to have a collectible trading card game for BAYC/MAYC, and I think that this would help us branch into a wider audience of web2 collectible enthusiasts.

I only recently purchased my MAYC after staring at them for a year and flipping up to one from other Yuga assets, my main is grimyfrankie.eth. I also just came up with this idea like 30 mins ago. I am new to AIPs, but I have years of experience running a trading card business online storefront and trading operation. I understand the mechanics of how to design and manufacture a collectible card game that not only satisfies aesthetic desires but also is built with editions designed to increase the value of the cards over time, like vintage Pokémon.

I don’t know much about how to propose this sort of project, but I am not seeking much money, probably just the bare minimum to have a first set of these things printed and then decide whether to expand with the community from there etc. Imagine if they would sell BAYC/MAYC booster packs at target or card shops or something.

Thanks for listening. What do you think?

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Welcome, and thanks of posting an idea.

There’s been collectible card projects already. Scan through past AIPs to read those and the comments.

The DAO can’t / won’t accept profits or ownership of anything, and I’m not clear how your idea would benefit the DAO. ApeCoin DAO is not Yuga/BAYC/etc., and the more it does to prop up those assets specifically the tougher it gets from a legal standpoint to claim that separation from Yuga is a fact.

Suggest getting up to speed on the DAO and perhaps honing your idea.


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