BeyondTheSWAMP Update & Transparency Report

We’re in print…

A limited-run, 50-page first-issue teaser is being produced for distribution at the NFC Conference in Lisbon later this month, May 28-30. We will go into full production once I can sign off on the artwork for a few remaining content pieces when I’m back from Portugal.

My primary goals with this project were to highlight the ApeCoin ecosystem and produce a culture-rich representation of the NFT space — and we’ve done it.

I haven’t finalized the mechanics yet, but I also plan to have an open claim for a small portion of the magazine available to those of you who contribute to the ApeCoin DAO day in and day out here in Discourse and Discord. You are the lifelines many in the outside ecosystem don’t always see. You have also remained the most patient as this project came to fruition while tending to my Steward duties.

Typically, I wouldn’t get into numbers pre-launch, but given that this project started out as entirely grant-funded and this is a transparency report thread, I will provide some recent details for context.

Roughly six weeks ago, I began working with a new designer with over 10 years of print experience. He works efficiently and able to get the magazine to about 80% of where I need it to be creatively, based on my direction. From there, he passes it off to one of my two original designers, with whom I work closely on screenshares to fine-tune.

One area where we missed was not creating a style guide from the start. This caused the project difficulties as it tried to move along. When combined with our immediate team running into issues transitioning from software they were accustomed to, to the industry standard in print and e-books, we struggled.

Our system now is working and becoming more efficient as we go. We’re also using this first issue as the basis of our style guide, which we will be assembling immediately after print before diving into issue two.

Our other big issue was token price volatility, which, as mentioned in this thread from the start, wouldn’t have and hasn’t affected production, as I view any grant funding as an incredible opportunity and am happy to pick up any additional costs along the way — but keeping this in mind, with today’s price of APE being around $1.22 USD versus $3.90 USD when it was issued, this works out to a loss of around 68.5% of the $55,000 total amount — or around $37,675.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, particularly regarding timing, and if we were able to complete our milestones earlier, we would have seen less depreciation or converted into all stables from the start. Additionally, there were funds put out earlier than today’s price, which reduces that number as well.

Nonetheless, to dive in a little deeper, last we spoke, the project had 10,299.67 APE on hand staked through the official contract, and I haven’t dipped into that since, opting instead to pay out of pocket, with the large majority of funding being issued in fiat.

Here are some of those expenses:

  • $8,000.00 for page layout and design
  • $4,000.00 for creative
  • $1,100.00 for the limited NFC Portugal run
  • $9,000-$10,000.00 for the full first-issue run

All in all, this has been a fantastic learning experience, and without it, I would likely not have found myself at the DAO in the Working Group structure serving the ApeCoin community.

I’m also extremely excited about what this finished product looks like and totally stoked that it not only meets the standards that I set out to achieve, it retained my creative lead; which will now allow me to ease back a little as service providers have something to work off of.

I will follow up with ways to grab a copy in the coming weeks after Portugal!

Thanks fam!!