@BojangleGuy - Discourse Facilitator Application for Term Beginning June 2023

Personal Information

Full Name: Hunter Crandall

Discourse ID: @BojangleGuy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BojangleGuy

Nomination Statement

As someone who spends all day every day on discord, discourse, and twitter, this role is right up my alley. I have a passion for building communities and helping others reach their goals! I currently MOD for the Meebits DAO discord and the official Meebits discord. I am hyper organized, efficient and very tech savvy. Being able to serve the community as a discourse facilitator would be an honor!

Professional Background

SaaS sales as a Senior Account Executive for 4+ years. Now a business owner with my amazing wife. We run a interior design firm and a insurance agency. Serial entrepreneur.


Bojangle is an amazing guy and has proved his skills and dedication towards Meebits DAO and Meebits and continue to do so in Apecoin DAO as well. I have applied for the position as well and if selected, if there’s anyone I would like to work alongside from this list is 10/10 Bojangle!

One question , with Meebits DAO steering committee and Meebits Mod in official server, are you sure you will also be able to look over Apecoin Discourse since it will be a full time commitment


True dude Bojangle its soo kind and helpfull


I cannot express how wholehearted Bojangle is, not to mention hardworking.

He says this lightly, but this is the key sentence because knowing him, this role is a walk in the park for him.


First of all, I love the Meebs! Thanks for including your professional background. I read your thoughts often in the discord. Best of luck!

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Bojangle is a great guy, great ideas and experience, for sure he would be an awesome fit for this role!