Bored Silly Online Comedy Event - Get on the Guest List!

Get on my personal Guest List for tonight’s Bored Silly Comedy Event!

My name is Aaron Haber and I’m an OG BAYC Member and Founder of Laughing Ape, INC (MBA #00185)

We have our 3rd and last night of live-streaming stand-up comedy happening tonight (sponsored in part by an event grant from the BAYC Council) and I would love to get some ApeCoin Dao members on my personal guest list to attend.

The show is 7PM PST with Caruso from BAYC/Wicked Craniums spinning after.

The best way to get the info is to DM me on X (Formerly Twitter) for the link. I’m @AaronHaber (and I will not DM you 1st).

And yes, based off the awesome success of this event, Laughing Ape will be presenting an AIP to expand our comedy series to provide more utility/culture to holders of $Ape, so be on the lookout!


Everyone needs laughter, thank you.


Thanks Guy! We’re actually going public with our Bored Silly Comedy Shows AIP this week. Looking forward to seeing what you think about it!

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The DAO really needs something like this.

Would love to see something like this (maybe a monthly feature), rolled out at the DAO for all apecoin holders. :pray:


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That is literally what we are going to propose this week! Great minds think alike!


nice to hear. How have you been doing? Where is the live streaming happening? What platforms? or platforms?

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Laughter keeps the world spinning! Love this!


Hey BigBull!

We’re “building in the bear” and love what we’re building. Last week’s Bored Silly event was amazing fun and really well received.

Ultimately, Laughing Ape (The parent company to Below Bored) is a comedy company and so we produce shows IRL, on live-streaming platforms (Believe it or not Zoom is the best we’ve found - it doesn’t cut off the comedians when the audience laughs) and we simulcast our shows into our Metaverse club which is on Mona.

We also have our Otherside plot ready to go whenever they’re ready for us.

I’m going to be posting our AIP idea later today, would love to see what you think.


Absolutely and thank you!