@boredelon - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @boredelon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoredElonMusk

Country of Residence: United States of America

Nomination Statement

I’ve been an active member of the Yuga ecosystem since spring of 2021, and Apecoin through 2022 inclusive of participation in the informal (for now) Apecomms team. I think the council needs a wide variety of experienced business leaders, but on my end I think i’d bring a lot of focused knowledge, specifically from the gaming industry and the discipline of marketing and communications. I do want to note that should I not be chosen to join the council, I’ll remain a member of the Apecomms team and continue contributing to the in that capacity.


Anyone who has played a large multiplayer game knows that all of them have an in-game economy with different resources and currencies. Well… we are all playing a metagame right now. In 2021, the global revenue for video games was $190 BILLION dollars. Gaming is going to be one of the biggest forms of utility for web3 and it’s a no-brainer that Apecoin should be among the largest gaming economies in the next decade. The benefit for me is another direct pipeline to emerging game creators who I can partner with in my own endeavors.


I’ve worked for large gaming publishers, I have 10+ years of experience in the gaming field. I’ve designed and published two games myself. So I think I can provide a lot of valuable knowledge on how to elevate Apecoins role in the world of gaming.


I have participated and continue to participate in several DAOs including Seed Club, Olympus, Ethlizards, and am also an Investor in Syndicate DAO, in addition of course to Apecoin DAO.

Concluding Statement

I think of this identity BoredElonMusk as a very early example of a web3 project. Before NFTs were a thing, I created a highly visible and arguably valuable NFT…and I created it 9 years ago. So if nothing else, I can show that am consistent, I am trusted, and not afraid to experiment with weird things and technology way before they become commonly accepted.


Additional context:

  • Member of the Yuga Ecosystem since May 2021. Despite my non-ape PFP on Twitter, I do still hold 6 as well as many Otherside plots.
  • Have been involved in the Apecoin community since early summer, and have served as one of the members of the currently INFORMAL Apecomms team…which I’m confident will be formalized in the next few months.

Differentiation as a candidate I’ll focus on two specialized areas:

  1. Communications. Before I jumped into web3 full-time, I served at the executive level for a global public relations firm, focusing mostly on consumer brands in gaming.
  • In the last few weeks especially…we’ve all seen the importance of clear communications, expectation management, and crisis management.
  • Having someone on the Special Council is critical to help better bridge the work of the special council, apecoin partners (like Horizon), and the overall community.
  • Having someone on the Special Council with a direct line to the soon to be formalized comms team will be a way to execute a comms infrastructure that I can help set up.
  1. Gaming. In my opinion, the clearest and most powerful path to bringing utility to Apecoin is Gaming. Most of my career was spent representing one of the largest gaming brands in the world, and in the last two years I’ve shifted my focus to web3 gaming.
  • I have an extremely deep roster of relationships with gaming studios, both web3 and otherwise. Similar to how well Polygon is reeling in partnerships with major brands, I want to get Apecoin in front of as many game developers as possible.
  • Many web3 gaming studios are considering establishing or shifting to a native game token. The challenge with that is liquidity as it generally only comes from players or investors in one particular game.
  • We need to see games using widely used tokens and APE could be one of those. Obviously the Otherside will help establish the value of Apecoin in gaming, but it can’t just be that. It needs to be hundreds or thousands of games that are building on top of or in partnership with Apecoin.

Feel free to message me privately here on Discourse if you have questions that you’d like to remain private.


+1 for Bored.eth. He has heavy web3 gaming knowledge and expertise!


Thanks ser. Always good to have an endorsement from a fellow orange ape.


Communications and gaming are two of the areas I would like to see the Special Council (and DAO in general) focus on so it’s great to see you have experience and similar values with both.

In regards to gaming, is there anything you can share in regards to your plan to onboard web2 gaming studios to web3 (not sure how much you can share at this stage). I’m more just curious if these talks have begun and if the general sentiment from this has been positive or negative. Some web2 companies don’t like web3, but some do.


Thanks @Vulkan - I have been advising several web2 gaming companies that have continued to monitor and experiment in the space. They currently seem to be far more interested in strategic partnerships versus building things from scratch. I think this is where one large opportunity lies for me to serve as a bridge between Apecoin builders and gaming companies that want to play in this space. Recent partnerships between Polygon and major brands is an example of what’s possible for Apecoin.


You put the $APE community first when you raised your hand to help us form a communications team months ago. We were trying to attract a few influencers to help, but those people wouldn’t answer our messages, or give us the time of day. We were nervous about hosting twitter spaces, worried about our limited reach, and I felt the comms team was doomed at that time. You joined the team immediately, got to work, and have not stopped since. Thank you @boredelon.

When other people wouldn’t lift a finger or return my messages, you stepped up without second thought & gave us the confidence to succeed. I’ve seen your work ethic & value firsthand, and think you’d be excellent for this position. You are a proven community-first person. I will always be thankful.


Thanks @0xSword - Trying to set a good example for making time to do important things. You guys have put a ton of effort into building the Comms team and I’ve been honored to play a small role in it. Even if that mainly was via rallying the troops! I’m looking forward to there being a direct connection between the Special Council and the future official Apecoin Comms team.


Appreciate the insight. Like @0xSword said above, you have been awesome to interact with on the unofficial ApeComms team when our times on the team overlapped. The level of knowledge, experience and character you have demonstrated has been superb.

I also share @0xSword’s sentiment that you really helped the team when we were struggling there for an bit and will always be grateful for that. Thank you.


This is a no brainer to elect.

He understands crypto. He understands business. He understands memes. He actually cares and bothered to reach out to me about his position. He’ll be a great fit!


Thanks Feld. Ya I believe a lot of work needs to happen behind the scenes to build consensus, with proposed actions and output being shared publicly/transparently.


I observed that you withheld your identity. Do you believe it will restrict your capacity to interact with people outside your immediate circle? What plan do you have for this?

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I think we need a good mix on the board - experience, relative and relatable skill sets, passion, reach/exposure, community history, linkage and drive - I feel Boredelon demonstrates all of these.

I sincerely hope many others see this to and elect you as one of the council members!

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I like Bored Elon

but I have one concern maybe he can give me an answer on this

He have created

( AIP-99: Help Rari Hack Victims withdraw Apecoin Collateral from Protocol )

it was too technical and a lot of members of DAO are not technical people

so my question to @boredelon is:

Do you think your AIP was too technical for the average user? and do you see a problem with that?
if you got voted how you gonna fix this or improve it?


I think the overall AIP process is indeed a bit too complex for the average Apecoin community member. AIP-99 has gone through at least 10 revisions and many of the technical elements you cite were requested by the reviewing team. Personally I would have preferred to not include such granular detail, but given the nature of the ask, I think many people wanted this level detail.

In terms of the future of the Apecoin DAO, I’m 100% in agreement we need to make voting, proposing, and engaging in the ecosystem more accessible. It’s the only way the population of Apecoin holders and users can grow.


What will you do to connect worthy builders without a huge social media presence to the people who can fund and expand on ideas?


Hey @boredelon , you skipped over my question. Do you believe that withholding your identity will restrict your capacity to interact with people outside your immediate circle?

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If you at my candidate profile, not only I reveal my identity but I also provided publicly verifiable websites to prove what who I am and what I said. I strongly believe public servant or officer should not withholding his or her identity unless one has something to hide.

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Thanks @Mcdo sorry for missing your question. I’ll go ahead and use this space to address @Apeancestor as well. First of all, it’s worth noting that all SC candidates did disclose their identity to Cartan Group to help ensure there is legal liability around any future behavior that needs to be litigated. That aside, I think there’s a false association of identity and reputation. “BoredElonMusk” as an identity is over 9 years old, and has been around for more time than most other candidates have been on Twitter. 1000s of credible known people will vouch for my good reputation and standing, and on-chain activity can be used to further judge my actions in the web3 space. Here’s a snapshot of that: https://twitter.com/BoredElonMusk/status/1528585286459850752

I think the most important thing a candidate can bring to this position is their ability to articulate a vision, connection people to each other who can build this ecosystem, and lend their knowledge/expertise on a particulate subject matter. These are all things I can do regardless of whether or not you know my legal name. I have talked extensively on the subject of pseudonymity to help alleviate some of the common misconceptions around it. Feel free to check it out here: ‎The Deep End: The Pseudonymous Meritocracy with Bored Elon Musk on Apple Podcasts


@boredelon do you feel there is a need for greater oversight of powers within the DAO structure or do you have no concerns or comments at this point in time?

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