🏆 Bring 20 Apes to Life

Proposal Name: :trophy: Bring 20 Apes to Life

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation

We believe that sculptures have the power to transform people, enliven communities, and immortalize culture. We are passionate about bringing the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection to life with 20 unique 1/1 sculptures in a way it has never been done before. They will be full body and life-size 1.9m or 6ft tall, highly detailed masterpieces made of the finest materials to be displayed in Ape Fests, BAYC Miami Club House, Web3 events, galleries and public spaces, where they will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We believe that sculptures have the power to transform people, enliven communities, and immortalize culture. We are passionate about bringing the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection to life with 20 unique 1/1 sculptures in a way it has never been done before.

Our sculptures will be full body and life-size 1.9m or 6ft tall, highly detailed masterpieces made of the finest materials. Each of the 20 sculptures will be unique, capturing the essence of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. The sculptures will be displayed in a Ape Fests, BAYC Miami Club House, Web3 events, galleries and public spaces, where they will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We believe that these sculptures will aid to massively promote the IP. The sculptures will be more than just works of art. They will be symbols for the Bored Ape mission’s and values. They will inspire viewers to create, bring the people within and outside the community closer, bring people joy and create a sense of pride and wonder.

Which apes will be chosen to be made into a sculpture?
Each ape will be able to participate through a form in which they agree they want their ape to participate. After having all participants, the selection will be made through a community vote.

Who owns the sculptures?

What will happen with the sculptures?
They will be auctioned at ApeFest 2 or online to the BAYC and MAYC community. The purchase will be powered by Ape Coin and funds will go back to the DAO.

Sculptures will be able to be replicated for a fraction of the cost in the future for the DAO. Replicating them won’t be labor intensive. This includes apes variations since many traits are shared through the collection.

Author Description
I’m Victor Tacher a sustainable development engineer with passion for art, culture, sculptures and web3. Been working tirelessly for the Bored Ape Community for more than a year. I’ve been completely and obsessively focused on getting the volumetric work of the Bored Apes to the finest detail and bringing them to life with the highest quality possible. I have a proven track record of making high quality sculptures for the BAYC community.

Here are our 4 main works for the BAYC community:

An ultra high detailed 1.9m-6ft sculpture for the Dabbing Dad:

Unrequested Review:


A 1.8m bronze sculpture intervened by the Wizarika people, placing over 350,000 crystal beads by hand:

An ultra high detailed sculpture of a MAYC for Justin Williams:


An ultra high detailed 1.9m-6ft sculpture of Bitboy’s Service Robot Ape:


Team Description
Our team is a multidisciplinary group of 15 experienced professionals with a passion for art, culture, and sculptures. Our team members include:
• Sculptor artisans with over 9 years of expertise in sculpting, molding and casting
• Bronze artisans with expertise in casting, sculpting, and finishing
• Sculpture painters with experience in color theory and composition
• Digital artists with expertise in modeling, animation, and rendering
• Wixarika artisans with expertise in Wixarika technique
• Carpenters with expertise in woodworking and construction
• Stonemasons with expertise in stonecutting and masonry

Our team has a proven track record of success in creating high-quality sculptures, public art installations, and commissioned works. We are confident that we have the skills and experience necessary to create a series of 20 life-size sculptures that are both beautiful and inspiring.

We are passionate about creating works of art that have lasting cultural impact. We believe that these sculptures will be a powerful symbol of the Bored Ape Yacht Club community and its commitment to creativity and innovation. We are also excited about the opportunity to bring these sculptures to people all over the world and inspire them to create and innovate.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club sculptures can only be pure symbols and reflection of the Ape Community’s mission and guiding values.

The sculptures will be created using a variety of techniques, including sculpting, molding, casting, additive technology, airbrush blending, stippling, shading, and highlighting.

Steps to implement
The 20 sculptures will be made in 4 months:

  1. Creating internal metal structures. - 1 week
  2. Sculpting and modeling the apes - 1 month
  3. Adding realistic textures on top of the sculptures. - 1 month
  4. Painting the sculptures with various methods, including airbrushing - 2 weeks
  5. Fabricating the marble bases - 1 week
  6. Fabricating the shipping box and intervening it with graffiti - 1 week
  7. Shipping - 1 week

Welcome to the forums.

These look brilliant. No doubt your team can deliver on some exquisite sculptures.


  • Does the budget include worldwide shipping and handling to all the Web3 events, galleries and clubhouses and if so, for how long of a term?
  • Who will ultimately have ownership of these 20 sculptures?
  • Will they be auctioned or sold or lent out?

Look forward to your answers and to the community’s feedback.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


These are some fantastic questions and wanted some feedback and ideas from the community. About the ownership. I was thinking in 2 alternatives.

  1. Owned and managed by the DAO. The DAO decides where they will be exhibited and when the Miami Club House is ready maybe find a permanent home there.

  2. Shipped and exhibited during Ape Fest2 and raffled for free when it ends to MAYC and BAYC holders.

  3. Any other thoughts?

The budget does include the shipping boxes but not the shipping itself.

Thanks for the questions @ssp1111 , What do you think?


Wow those are pretty cool !!!


Amazing detail and excellent workmanship. Will be fun to see which Apes are used.


Important question to answer.


This project is quite expensive. How is the project related to ApeCoin? If you are promoting the BAYC IP does that directly contribute to ApeCoin if they are completely independent projects?

I have updated the idea thanks to the insight of @bigbull and @ssp1111 .

What do you guys think of the changes?

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I have made changes to the idea thanks to your feedback @Grimyfrankie .

What do you think?

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Also the BAYC and MAYC Apes you have made, who owns the original NFT and IP of it? Also are these 1 of 1s?

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The ones you see on the post are just examples of my past work.They are 1/1s commissioned by the owners of the NFTs. Those will not be used for this AIP

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From a historic value point of view from when did you make your first commissioned sculpture?

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My first commission for the BAYC community was on the 26th of March 2022 @bigbull

From then on I spent entire months obsessing over the volumetric work of the BAYC head and made improvement upon improvement. You can see the trajectory of these improvements on my Twitter account :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Victor.

It’s great that you’re taking feedback from the community and making changes on the fly. Kudos.

Personally, I want the DAO to support great talent and together come up with ways to make this happen. So knowing that I want this to materialize in some fashion, there are a few hurdles we may still need to figure out:

Not sure the DAO is set-up to take ownership just yet. Perhaps a separate agreement that shows co-ownership until that can be accomplished or your company just owns them until they are auctioned off or sold.

Auctioning them off sounds like a pretty good plan along with selling them in ApeCoin. But again, the DAO is not currently set-up to take in revenue so we need to get more creative about where the funds go. Perhaps you can ask for less and make up the difference from the sales?

While I don’t have enough information to know if $15k per sculpture is a good price or not, I do believe that supporting community members, great artists, fun projects comes with a price.

Perhaps, in order for the community to get to know you and your team, you could

  • start off with 1 or 2 sculptures
  • add some budget for video production and social content
  • make sure there is “Powered by ApeCoin” in all the IRL stuff and in the digitals
  • show the broader BAYC/MAYC ecosystem what you’re up to
  • have a mix of custom orders (for your business) and 1 or 2 to auction off at ApeFest
  • Maybe have the sculptures flipping an ApeCoin

Anyway, just brainstorming with you.

Also, don’t forget to ask for IP use and add more ApeCoin creatives into the product.


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Wow. these are Amazing :white_check_mark:

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Wow, thanks for your feedback!

Let me think through these. As a quick note the sculptures have a value of 14.8k not 30k.

This is based on your historic sales?

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Yes, actually lower in this case

Please consider they will be 1/1 sculptures of 1.9m or 6’2". It’s important to keep in mind there will be many people working on them. It is very different when you are working from an already made mold and have plans to produce massive quantities with a way bigger budget.

Haha – my maths is short-circuited today :rofl:.

I made the edit so others reading get the right price. Good catch.


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Hi @Victortacher,

I’m particularly intrigued by the level of detail and craftsmanship that your team brings to those sculptures. That sounds like an exciting proposal! I have a few questions:

  1. How will the selection process for the 20 sculptures be conducted? Will it be another AIP?
  2. Who will own the sculptures once they are created, agree with @ssp1111
  3. What are your plans for the sculptures after they are made? Will they be exhibited, auctioned, or used for other purposes? I will add to the proposal apply in Design Awards Competitions.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this initiative!

-Mr. Hype :fire: