Bull run is now?

Do you think we are already at the beginning of the bull run? if yes, comment why and if not, when will we start?


no, we are currently developing the projects.


no and nobody knows when will it start

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My crystal ball is stuck between maybe and maybe not!

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No, next bullmarket could start end of 2024 / mid 2025


Also, it won’t matter to $APE anyway because the token is in a consistent tangential slide that it’s unlikely to recover from even when the cryto bull market does arrive.

And I am unsure of what things people think are currently being built and which would spur the bull market. It certainly isn’t NFTs, that’s for sure. It’s not Web3 games because now that they’re competing with Web2 games in terms of appeal, quality etc, most will fail or never even release.

So, what’s going to spur it? More CEX? More DEX? More crypto investments (in what?)?

no, maybe in the year 2024

From Beanie on Twitter

"According to Bloomberg, NFT monthly trading volumes are down 95% from the $17B January 2022 peak.

And creator royalities are down 98% from peak to only $4.3M in July.

In the history of asset markets, I don’t think we’ve ever witnessed such a catastrophic destruction of demand."


It gives me a little cheer that American interest rates are falling.


Where are you getting your information from? Federal Funds Effective Rate (FEDFUNDS) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Because they’re not.


Sorry, I meant they’re speculating that at future meetings, they might start to lower interest rates.


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