Business Dev for the DAO?

Do we need a Biz Dev for the DAO?

To enlist partnerships to expand our ecosystem. From Brand awareness and APECoin usage globally.


I’m not sure I understand (the designation that is) missy, Can you please elaborate on that aspect.

If a biz dev person could establish or use existing relationships to help builders in the dao get free or discounted software from unity, unreal, or improbable/m2 and others, that would be really helpful!

Support :100::muscle:!


Business Development to expand on entities that utilize APEcoin, products and services and venues.

Brand Partners for discounts x other benefits for APEcoin holders.


This is part of what I’m thinking.

Building a strong APEcoin network if you will. Offering benefits to holders and expanding the USE of APEcoin.


I was like, a business developer (as in a software developer) so I was confused.

Thanks for clearing that up

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Short answer is yes.

Much needed role, 1 person focusing full time specifically on bringing collabs, partnerships, deals to DAO members whereas other elected members focus as a whole.


Yes indeed.

I also think a team would go further than an individual. Adz and I envisioned a BD & Partnership Squad stemming out from the Marketing & Communications Working Group.

But while that’s still a ways away, maybe start drafting a pitch deck with others to get a running start. Maybe segment the BDRs so that each is focused and working on relationships in which they already have an established network (ie, gaming, fashion, retail, etc). Relationships are the key!

Maybe even use that pitch deck to recruit some BizDev folks wandering the Web3 hallways looking for gigs. Who knows?

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


I like this idea. Someone that specialize in expanding and creating partnerships along with brand awareness for the DAO will indeed bring long term benefits :+1:


what do you think some points are that would be deemed as “success” of the team and/or person in this type of role?

Personally I would look for someone who is

  • multilingual (as we are looking at global reach and inclusivity)
  • proactive
  • thinks out of the box
  • able to handle setbacks and turn it into opportunities or learning curve

Without question.



Well that’s funny I was about to get in here and figure out how to post something similar. I think we need a development committee or something. A group that can reach out to other projects, businesses, whatever - to get apecoin more adopted.
You could have several aspects to this, somebody mentioned above getting discounts for DAO builders, but you could go beyond that. So providing possibly further utility to apecoin holders, possibly for larger holders (do you get 20% software if you only hold 1 apecoin? you know).
And then getting apecoin adopted by more projects. Why bother with your own token and all the legal issues it may bring? Use apecoin for your P2E game.
I think that is much needed. Something along those lines anyway, I’m jotting down quick thoughts on the spot lol.


Nice points! I’m putting it in the pool of information for this topic / idea.
Thank you!

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YES! This is great!

Exactly why it will be good to have these conversations.

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Yes! I LOVE brand partnerships. There are a few people from the industry that I have adored working with because of their innovative ideas in partnerships and brands that are OUT OF THE BOX approaches!

My off-the-cuff 2c…


I am an advocate for some forms of mentorship, even if ad-hoc, for individuals through the DAO, and if that extends to businesses and as a formal idea/AIP/committee then I would support that and maybe be able to add value.

If, or when, an endeavor funded by the DAO is looking to level way up and go to private investors (in a formal trad-fi way) or to public markets for funding (meaning a stock market listing in case anyone’s unfamiliar with the term), well that I can definitely help advise on or help make happen.

My immediate focus remains on helping get better transparency, audits and risk assessments in place however, for the DAO overall, its Admins, and arguably it’ll be necessary for Working Groups too… paving the way to set an example for other DAOs.

The business dev idea could similarly pave the way. IMO / IME it’s far better to have such a thing directly accountable to DAO token holders rather than funding an incubator type of idea and handing over a huge $APE grant without tracking, oversight, accountability, or audits in place (yet).


You are most welcome . I am sure there are more but I could think of those main points at the moment only

A Team would definitely be better for this. Maybe a global team based at important Financial centres of the world and they could locally promote Apecoin


@Ms_NFTy I’m not a business developer. My first thought when I read your question was that they’d have to be meet KPIs, establish partnerships, expand the ecosystem, etc. I did further research and other points I got are: Revenue Growth for DAO, Strategic Partnerships with other Web3 and Web2 Firms, Market Expansion, Product Launches, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Profitability.