@camol - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @camol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/camolNFT

Nomination Statement

To provide outside perspective and expertise to the Special Council.


The Yuga Labs ecosystem, including the ApeCoin DAO is by far the largest and most influential ecosystem within Web3. Actions made inside of this system impact EVERYONE in the space. For far too long the retail investors, people who can’t afford to join the ecosystem, and ‘small fish’ have been under represented. I want to be the voice for those people. We will be heard.


Worked in Web3 for over a year as a marketing and partnerships lead for Pixl Labs + Sappy Seals. There I have seen a lot of great ideas, a lot of horrible ideas, and generally in Web3 many projects fail due to their ideas in governance. Couple this with my educational background I can apply working governance structures to the Council.


A truly fair governance structure would be open for all. Currently the DAO is silo’d and there are not many participants due to lack of marketing. If I am elected I can change this and bring energy back to the DAO.

Concluding Statement

A vote for camol is a vote for the people. Do we really need more ape holders governing this space, or should our voices be represented too?


Excited to be a part of this!


Hi @camol, I am asking all candidates these same questions:

  1. If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO? (Let’s pretend you only had the time and energy to make a personal push for one item - what would it be?)

  2. Are there any factors in your life that may limit your ability to serve? (conflicts of interest, time allocation, limited wifi bc you work from Starbucks… etc)

  3. What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in it’s current state?

  4. What is a Koda?

Thank you,

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