@CEOofWeb3.0 - Governance Steward Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @CEOofWeb3.0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThreatT0Society

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for Steward of the Governance Working Group

To do a task and to do it well, One must require these 4 fundamental factors

  • Intent :
  • Capability :
  • Motivation/Conviction :
  • Competence :

As part of my mandate, i will conduct extensive studies on various styles of governance, their threat assessments and profiles, possible exploits, how to navigate those challenges, Pros and Cons so that one can assess it in its entirety (making informed decisions as a collective while keeping all facts in mind) and the discussions around which could be made much more effective. To be published periodically, let’s day for example once a month.

The most important part of that being threat assessment and the study of possible attack vectors which may look to undermine the institutions which we’re building here. As the incentive for rigging a system as consequential as the voting process within a DAO with Billions of $ in its treasury is too immense to be overlooked.

Sort of like the Arbitrum sequencer, same is the case with MEV boosted node configurations for ETH. Follows the old adage “Show me the Incentive and I’ll show you the outcome” . (something something All a game of Incentives)

Instead of going all in on a particular style, I envision a system which consists of a lot of moving parts which are precisely tuned to incentivise the kind of desirable behaviour which we’d like to see.

zKYC would play an Instrumental role in enabling it, ensuring proof of humanity or personhood which Hal n Adv refer to it as without having the need to trust a third party and without the possibility of having unauthorized access to that data. Look out for the latest upcoming post regarding zKYC.

These are the things which I’m super passionate about, that’s the reason why I’m trying to step up my game and try and provide as much value as humanly possible.


Details on your motivation for becoming a Governance Working Group Steward

I love seeing the interpersonal interactions play out in real time, seeing game theory at play at a macro level just fascinates me to no end. We as individuals in a trust less system, striving to achieve a collective goal but our approaches are different than one other. That entire dynamic of navigating differences and conflict resolution is just the frosting on the proverbial cake for me.

The idea of a republic just so interesting, Having some guiding principles which are to be upheld at all times and affording its citizens a set of inalienable rights. There’s a lot which one can learn from that system.

Now coming onto my intrinsic motivations, I can’t explain it in words Been doing it since the dawn of time (4-5 months), and will continue doing so even if I’m not being compensated for that effort. I don’t let the reward prediction error (brain chemistry wrt Dopamine) get into the way of things which are really important to me.

Passion is a bigger motivator than any financial incentive, at least in my books. It forces you to strive to become better, stay at the top of the game and strive for greatness. That sort of intrinsic motivation is rare, without which sustaining that position is next to impossible. It’s like fighting an uphill battle with your mind.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin DAO

My analytical skills, intuitive rationalisation of complex information, abstract thinking and my ability to create a seemingly connection between two distinct and separate things and create something unique in a way.

I’ve worked with L1 blockchains in a technical capacity and have a knack for all kinds of tech (software and hardware). You can say I love my machines.

I’ve setup automated archival for ApeComms, Treasury updates using @ApeCoinTracker, working on machine learning models for automated speech recognition, transcription, summarisation and translation + automating this entire process to support the growth of the DAO and give it a worldwide appeal. That’s not even everything I’m working on at the moment, have some epic projects lined up.

Currently I’m working on the pilot run for zKYC and getting its MVP out into production, that too all on my own and without any financial assistance from the DAO. The aim is to create an in house solution for KYC so that there are no privacy concerns. I recommend you to read about it on the forum or just ping me and I’d love to explain how it works.

TLDR : I bring the Intent, capability and the conviction to see something so fundamental to its end.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation

I’ve been designing a framework for governance which includes dynamic vote scaling, lock in periods, variable yields to name a few. The challenge is to tailor build a solution around the currently existing solutions and tweaking it in such a manner that we’re able to achieve our goals as a collective.

I’m helping build the governance structure of a Revenue based financing protocol atm. Utilising all the skills and knowledge I picked up from months of sifting through research papers and analysing incentive structures just trying to figure out the best approach possible for their specific implementation.

I’ve easily read about a thousand pages worth of research papers about governance with Tens of thousands more to go ideally and studying various models. But the time commitment it requires is just next level but stewardship would enable me to focus a lot more time and effort towards that goal.

Been an avid contributor here in the APeCoin DAO, I’m almost TL 3 :slight_smile:

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Governance Working Group Steward

Each one of us, as unique individuals, brings a distinct value proposition to the DAO. So one cannot effectively quantify that without loosing that aspect of uniqueness for the sake of determining an individuals value fit across a uniform scale. That just doesn’t make sense to me imo.

But what I can say for sure is that my value proposition is one of the strongest when we take the other things which I’ll be undertaking as part of my mandate. Be that zKYC, or systems and structures which we’ll put in place to facilitate that entire system.

Let me reiterate, we’re all Individuals within a trust less system, with a slightly different (but similar) end goal in mind. We might have different approaches toward it, but our goal is largely the same. We hold similar core values, just different ways of approaching that goal

I’ve been doing it long before I came here, and I’ll be doing this long after. Whatever comes next is uncertain, what is certain is that we’ll write history.

With the development of zKYC using tech such as One way Deterministic Hash functions + Mandate based reconstruction of that data using Shamir Secret Sharing

TLDR : No unauthorized access, No chain of custody issues related to the handling of the sensitive data. At no point is the data revealed to any of the network participants without being mandated by the collective or the client themselves.

With all of that said, If you resonate with this message please let me know.

I’ll end with this, “May the Best (2) value proposition(s) win”


1 $APE = 1$ APE

About me :

Here I’ve condensed information about who I am, what I’m all about, the things I’ve built or am building atm

I’ve included all of my past, current and future efforts here and I’d appreciate if you took your time to go through these.

Here’s my segment discussing my notimation with SSP and ADV

Consolidation forum post : Consolidating The Tech stack for A.C.T. + New Additions

Let’s bring about change which the DAO desperately needs.


Hey Ankr! You have presented great ideas, been super active throughout this year, even been in the proposal process, and received a larger thank ape reward. How is your early campaigning going? What’s new with you and your projects?


CEOofMyHeart3.0 - good luck in the election, brother. Most of us are just talkers, so to speak, and you’re an actual builder. Great to have you around


Hello there sword :wave: you no discord msg : (

I was held back with some irl stuff for the last week so I’ll only start my campaigning now. Had to sift through 100s of pages worth of research content to condense for the Threat Analysis I’m doing which looks at all possible attack vectors, exploring them in detail and looking for possible solutions and so on. Would launch the campaigning effort with that, which would in the least help start a conversation about it in detail and we’d be able to build on top of that that information helping make informed decisions as a collective.

The event scheduling is live, a friend of mine is helping me with the Dynamic NFT smart contract, Restarted updates for treasury and added a feature to track live balance of the treasury. And reading 100s of pages.

zKYC is under feedback collection phase and currently getting some Web 3 angels onboard as advisors but it’s for the mid to long term. We won’t see that tech fully implemented before Q2 2024.

Other projects are punching air rn cause I’ve shelved them till further notice :joy:

And funny story, I swapped half of that amount to fiat to pay for subscriptions for the software I used to set that up and now idk but that specific account is frozen til further notice so that sucks. Should return back to normal in a month or so.

I’m finishing all other projects within this month, so really putting in the overtime to clear up the majority of my bandwidth (and all the backlog of my efforts, be that towards the DAO or with relation to Web 3 based startups) before the end of June. Not taking new projects on for obvious reasons for the near future. (cough sanity)


Good to hear ser. Well hey, voters will be reviewing this thread. Anything you’d like to say them when it goes live? Tell more about you. Got some pictures to share of your work products on here?

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Let’s see, most of my work consists of Software based products so all i can do is link some snippets and forum posts explaining em, I guess there are a couple of things I can share

Will add in a post here after dropping the assessment.

I’d probably like to say that all 8 of us running for the Governance steward role bring a unique value proposition to the DAO, identify which one you resonate the most with moving forward to shape the way
its structured. May the best value proposition win :sparkling_heart:

Here’s a little snippet for you, this was a research paper I was working on but had to shelf.

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Thanks for the kind words Sasha. You bring a voice of reason to the DAO and I really like that about you.

And as for me, I’m just a guy passionate about making a meaningful difference and I’m glad to be doing my part. :saluting_face:

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