Channels for Alpha calls and news

Creating a channel on discourse or discord to give updates on cryptocurrencies, market news and alpha calls and the latest tech news. We all know everyone on the space is looking for a way to get more knowledge about the space. Having a channel that gives more insights/news on crypto would be helpful and as well be entertaining to people of the community.

  • I have seen people pay $200 or $100 to get alpha calls but here all they have to do is to is to be part of APE COIN DAO as a holder of the token.

  • we all know it gets boring when you just read and read about proposals but having a channel that talks about the recent news on crypto and tech would be interesting and also entertaining at the same time.

  • This will help onboard more people to the community because some people on this space are only interested in the news and when they are here they pick interest in other activities going on in the DAO.

  • for safety each alpha calls can be regulated by moderator so APECOIN DAO wouldn’t be held responsible if an investment doesn’t go as planned.

I doubt you could find a single lawyer or regulator on earth who would agree with that.

Who would be responsible for making these “alpha calls”?

How does this align with or benefit ApeCoin?

One of the last things the DAO needs if it wants to avoid regulatory heat is speculative fervor.


This is not the purpose of this DAO and I’d be strongly opposed to it.


That’s a fantastic idea. One cool thing about your suggestion is that the channel could offer alpha calls, which are usually paid for in other situations. By letting members of the DAO access them, you’d be giving something special to the community. This could get more people to join the DAO because they’d get valuable investment insights without having to spend extra money.

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I’m sorry but I don’t think it is something coherent with our mission.

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Your idea is great for good faith . But I don’t think this will give much benefit to the DAO

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We often joke, “not financial advice” when we speak about calls. This is literally the opposite of that. It is financial advice, and there be little to no way to separate that from accountability. And depending on where it is jurisdiction wise (and the alpha groups the OP speaks of) its arguably illegal.

I believe the suggestion is in good faith, and I see the value in such a service, but I can’t get behind it either. The legal implications are too murky.

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Thanks i strongly understand but how about the part where I talk about tech news or new innovations, that is something interesting, everyone on this space would definitely be interested in tech and tech news so I think it’s a good thing if we have a channel that gives news about tech like news about “the recent submarine.”

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This situation may lead to various challenges, as it increases the risk of rug pulls, placing the blame on ApeCoin DAO for supporting such projects. The presence of moderators won’t offer significant assistance. There have been numerous instances of alpha calls during bullish periods, but a substantial majority of them have resulted in complete loss of value. But for new innovations relating to ApeCoin DAO or any tech news relating to the DAO would be good, but if it’s just general new innovations, it would just be like spam.


DAO exist for the benefit of $ape and its utilities, not for the quick profit, pump and dump scenes.
Everyone know how these alpha channels operates and how its a ponzi with all those subscription and TG groups lol.


Hi muxty -

News (not alpha) are always great - that’s why Bored Ape Gazette was approved some time back.

A news channel in Discord is an interesting idea, and can be handled by an aggregate bot with some filters set to crypto news. I haven’t done it before, but I’m guessing such a bot exists.

If you’re to proceed to Draft stage with this idea, what I’d perhaps focus on is the “why.” You want your idea to offer something people can’t already get from Twitter/elsewhere as part of their regular daily routine. If you can find that value and describe it succinctly, it may resonate with voters. If it’s free or cheap, people will ask fewer questions. If it’s not, the immediate question will be “how does it extend ApeCoin utility?” - just to prepare you.

PS: agree with others re: alpha calls part - you can always submit whatever proposal you wish, but I don’t see that passing as for legal and compliance reasons DAOs stay away from any price talk around any token.


Sounds too risky to have attached to our DAO.

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Agreed, 1 Ape = 1 Ape is all the alpha I need right now. This type of thing also opens us all up to links and claims being shared, you never know which are legit so rather safe than sorry


The idea of offering alpha calls as part of Apecoin DAO may raise some red flags. The crypto market is filled with scams and schemes.

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Yeah and better be careful than sorry later. Wouldn’t look good on the DAO and not in line with the DAO mission

I understand the enthusiasm behind the idea. It’s essential to approach it with caution. Ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining transparency, and avoiding the dissemination of unverified or potentially misleading information.I understand the enthusiasm behind the idea. It’s essential to approach it with caution. Ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining transparency, and avoiding the dissemination of unverified or potentially misleading information.


Firstly, kudos for raising an idea. Irrespective of people’s views and feedback, we should encourage people to bring their ideas here for constructive debate.

Regarding alpha calls, the issue from an optics perspective is that it would be misconstrued as the DAO endorsing said calls which clearly would not be wise. I am opposed to this particular Idea but I’d encourage you to continue contributing.


I see the idea but I think it’s too far from the center idea of this DAO. There is already a lot of serv who doing this


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I’m Content with the feedback i received.

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