Clarification of Messari Inc's Special Council Grant

Tagging @btang in hopes that he can quickly clarify.

The report states that a $120,000 grant was made to Messari Inc for the following:


However, the extension AIP submitted by Cartan today claims that Cartan did very similar things. Including:

  • “Cartan will publish quarterly Transparency Reports for the Foundation, which includes but is not limited to details regarding the Foundation’s financial position, cashflows, grants funded and updated budget.”

  • “Built four (4) Dune dashboards that includes stats on the health of the ApeCoin ecosystem, accompanied by weekly updates on Live AIPs over the past three months.”

Cartan group created reports which include active users, transactions, and they report on protocol finances. Why did the Special Council need to approve a special grant to obtain these metrics?


There is a problem, we need to have a Leadership Team for the ApeCoin DAO to oversight the accounting department:

  1. Do the balance checks with Cartan Group LLC
  2. Work with Cartan Group LLC leadership team
  3. Build up the ApeCoin DAO leadership team to prevent and protect the ApeCoin ecosystem.

What do you think? Please give me some feedback. Thanks Ken

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