Community Impact Project (501c3 + Construction Group)

A 501c3 that owns a licensed construction company (incorporated). DAO to run/own/guide/direct all aspects of the 501c3 and as much of the construction subsidiary without infringing on the legal aspects of state licensing board requirements for RMO’s. Any state licensing can be achieved across any division of construction. Current license is CA class A, general engineering.

As with most 501c3’s, this should be funded through fundraising efforts/donations etc.

On the construction group side, retain ability to perform profit/non-profit work for the DAO/community.

In addition to ground-pounding fundraiser campaign drives by the 501c3, it will need to excel at leveraging local, state, federal resources to unlock the ability to make tangible impacts through the DAO’s positive community and strength by choosing projects that seem unsurmountable. For instance, develop the ability to “blueprint” a plan to eradicate community homelessness. The vision should be shaped in a way that because there is no single-source solution, there should be a foundational platform to start from and evolve as needed/voted on by the requirements generators (the people).

This “idea” along with having the availability to resources, online communities for developing and sharing, along with people that care can make just about any idea achievable.

Cost Estimate…. The stress will probably kill me in 5-10 years.

Brandon, welcome to the DAO!

Have you had a chance to read through the vision and mission statements yet posted on All proposals are ultimately judged through the scope of those statements when they go up for vote. It would give your proposal the best chance of passing (and also gives DAO members a chance to provide great feedback) if you formulate your idea through the lens of the vision for ApeCoin ($ape), such as “driving culture forward into the metaverse.”

Your story, background, and experience would help people understand the context/motivation.

I would also invite you to add more details about the implementation of this idea, more specific costs, and expected impact. Eradicating homelessness is a fantastic goal that all of us can get behind, but it’s also one that’s significantly beyond the scope and budget of this DAO (well, most DAOs) unless it’s in a very specific community and with specific targets/KPIs.


welcome. I hope your cost estimate is facetious. :rofl: regardless, welcome and thanks for the first post.

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Yes. We could create giant concrete complexes, design a construction solution that can last many years, small rooms with perhaps a window, but honest and able housing. Very big complexes. With partnerships with local and federal, the 501c3+construction company could be successful. Especially if it could draft plans and work on the ground in whatever area their in (california seems ideal).

What funding and support would be needed to get started? Basic setup to allow token holders to make input on decisions is doable without a grant or use of brand name. Any interested can participate.


Initiating phase: Cost is minimal as the 501c3 is developed but non-operational and so is the construction group. A lot of org structure shaping along with mission, vision etc so that a starting point can be adopted and evolve from there.

Planning Phase: Extensive manpower requirements. Costs would derive from project size, site/location, objectives etc.

Execution Phase: Unreal costs. Would need substantial fundraising and local/state/federal resources committed.

Administrative cost would occur when the table is slapped and company documents need to be updated to reflect adopted structure/org/naming. There will be a board reporting up to the DAO.

So much hypotheticals that need to be crosswalked by working groups to shape this…. Very difficult to lay something like this out on a discussion board from just my point of view.

If there is ever a way to move forward in a low-risk, iterative manner then maybe we could see something of this scale happen through a crawl-walk-run approach one day!


Gm, this is an interesting proposal idea. Crawl-walk-run is one approach for sure. Having a board report to the DAO token holders would work great. Put the word out and you can get apes worldwide really. As far as interested and qualified individuals, that takes some time and recruiting to make happen.

There are a few working groups that are in development. There’s a charter for adding more if a function is not covered. They’re still in the ideating and exploration stage even as they go up for vote and approval. I think this could be explored there, though that can take time in these early days.

Putting together a proposal and plan is doable too within a reasonable time really. I think that costs could remain low with proper fundraising and resources. I picture apes in different cities able to cover much of the manpower and outreach. Would love to hear more abt your vision. This is a good idea!

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Thanks for the input. I dont see why this couldnt be shaped as a “habitat for humanity” style approach either. Once “blueprinted” it can be adopted as charters or the like anywhere with an “off the shelf” org structure to start from

For it to work, the DAO would need to create a holding company if one doesnt exist already. The 501c3 and construction co would then roll up into the holding company while maintaining its own structure/org. This helps reduce liability throughout.

The 501c3 would have to carry the load of soliciting projects for selection, fundraising and coordination with internal/external resources.

The manpower for construction could be offset with community volunteering and worse case labor could be brokered but is always at a premium cost.

As far as talent acquisition to get this off the ground, i know a few people that would greatly contribute to these efforts and there are also ways to capitalize on volunteers, internships, at no cost. Definitely would like to see someone that is up to speed on this DAO’s policies/guidance to assist as an integrator if at all possible along the way.

Being able to collaborate while geographically dispersed will help excel the amount of people able to contribute administratively. Surely it will make for a better end-product for everyone!

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Seems interesting, I’d love to know more.

I’m not even gonna pretend I know what this is but nonetheless, I like your enthusiasm

Welcome to the DAO, Hope you have a blast here.

PS : Don’t let the stress get to ya

Hey, just wanted to follow up here.

There are some options for how you approach this. When you say “the DAO would need to create a holding company” that raises the long questions of how it will be charged, does a committee or working group need spun up, or if you as individual can lead this initiative with funding and community input.

To my knowledge there’s no holding company that is DAO governed other than maybe the Foundation may be classified as that, but its purpose may be largely constricted to it’s current operations.

How would you recommend moving forward with this? What can we do right away?

Thanks! Lol

The cost/stress statement was just joke lol.

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Just to clarify and i would like to add a disclosure that by no means am I lawyer or a business admin professional of the sort but to answer the question from what ive researched in structuring a holding corp, the holding company is merely a vehicle in which the DAO, 501 and construction company can all operate in, as a legal environment (subsidiaries to the prime). If this vehicle (holding company) didnt exist, the companies would likely invoice/bill each other to death while getting eaten alive by the tax/income liabilities if not under one single umbrella.

As for setting up a holding company, yes that can be achieved by anyone at a minimal cost. The structure of it (board members, %’s etc) would be whats important.

In regards to moving forward, implementation/ development is linear and so i think there should be a road map, milestones, several voting points with options of shaping/input along the way. I also think that there should be a “kill switch” included in this implementation process for all parties if they want to exercise it. If the intent/mission statement cannot be maintained or liability/risk becomes too high then we shouldn’t continue to throw good money/time after sunken costs/resources.

As the saying goes “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

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