Community Leading Apes

Community Leading Apes

Here is a place where we can keep track of nominations and community leading apes for Ape Coin if you have a nomination please post it here

Current Nominations

Not Mentioned should be noted.


Posting a general nomination for apes to delegate unused voting weight to longstanding community members who have voiced a desire to lead within the early formation of the ApeCoin DAO.

One example that I will provide is @herb, who would be a suitable candidate for spearheading an effort to activate and educate community members on how they can get involved with the ApeCoin DAO


this is the website in which we can see the top delegates:


Thank you for this resource, @PPMan :facepunch: :sunglasses:


its great to have OGs like herb and wave near the top. others i’d endorse would be Farmer, CapetainTrippy, OSF/Mando, just to name a few. its important to choose wisely and delegate to someone who has the club’s best interest in mind


I’ll throw my hat into the ring.


My vote is with @herb


I have none to nominate yet.

I attended an unofficial DAO Twitter space hosted by @herb taking initiative. I appreciate his level-headed direction and he spoke like some experienced and educated in the space. I think he’s an early best representative.

Having said that: there are other apes and extended YugaVerse family that will also rise up to host spaces and places for people to connect. Please remember that for expansion we have to bring in the Punks and other IPs and get them excited and involved.

It takes effort and time to host consistent events and we are in very early days. Who here is making spaces for people to talk and connect and who here is making inroads with the other IPs and outside developers that (presumably) will use the $APE coin system to power their own brands? The universe has just gotten a lot bigger. The boat is bigger!

We should encourage the future leaders to rise up by finding people who can consistently perform community outreach and representation. Look at their profiles and see what they are doing to onboard new people into the #YugaVerse. This is important and anyone can begin immediately.

I am not nominating any at this time. But @herb if he is interested in making these things happen more often will surely be someone I rally behind. Thank you for reading my views.


I’m nominating myself because i see the vision and scope of not just what BAYC could be, but YugaLabs as well. They’re the Google of Web3 as far as I’m concerned. My conviction was so strong that I bought into the community AFTER the apecoin airdrop knowing i didn’t “win” any riches, I understood what was being built.

Further more I’m a defector of “coRpOrAte AmErIcA”, and working in crypto full time. Before that I’ve been in the cybersecurity space for over a decade and worked for U.S. Bank and I also have no problem doxing myself because I know I will only deliver quality contributions to the community

Currently, I’m high up in the MetisDAO ecosystem. The Layer2 optimistic rollup Vitalik Buterin’s mother co-founded. I’ve spoken with her personally, and have a regular relationship with their software developers AND business developers.

I have the foresight to see that YugaLabs will not (or rather should not) launch their gaming platforms on ETH longterm due to gas costs. Adopting polygon limits their scope to developers that are familiar with ZKrollups. Being on a proper Layer2 that uses ETH as a security base layer will allow YugaLabs to grow with the entire ETHDev community able to build on their platform while also benefiting from the cheap transactions Layer2s offer. This will allow “The Other Side” to truly flourish without the egregious ETH Gas fees.

Furthermore I know MetisDAO platform provides “builder mining”. Basically any DApp that builds on Metis, will earn transaction fees with every single transaction that occurs on the DApp. The OtherSide could generate unique profit sharing mechanisms in their YugaVerse by leveraging this builder mining solution which could then be used to incentive players in their ecosystem. I would love to be contributing to ApeDAO going forward and help facilitate connections to make The OtherSide Experience as smooth as possible.

My twitter:


Offering friendly feedback or point to consider regarding “dingaling”. A whale wallet doesn’t necessarily mean great contributions. Solana and AVAX were birthed off VC’s pushing the “Ethereum Killer” narrative, and i’m fairly certain MAYC trading volume on OpenSea alone trumps either platform’s highest ranking DApp.

While we’re on the subject of community leaders, I was sitting here thinking of ways on how to optimize staking that would FAIRLY benefit eveyry tier of the ape ecosystem: BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, AND holders that only have apecoins. I submitted my proposal and would appreciate feedback - (AIP 4/5 Discussion Space - #4 by MAYCMecca)

No longer able to edit the top post to update information.

After considering it, we should probably hold off on a thread like this and gear it more towards “Who to watch” type of thing. A collective thread that allows us to focus on sharing highlighted discussions and who is discussing them.

-In the mean, I am requesting this thread be locked so it can die out.

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ill be hosting a Space on Twitter all day today if anyone wants to stop by and have an open floor chat about anything $ape related :smile: @N1t3Guy Cheers to a new week and the progress of the DAO :tada: :boom:


Myself, MutantPapasito.

I will continue to be a voice for the small holders and attempt to look at things from all points of views.


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Looks like this thread has been re-opened. I would be happy to keep it updated with what I hear via Twitter buzz and see on the forums. However, there is no longer an option to edit the original post.

Going build out a new updated list shortly. There was a great Twitter spaces last night led by some great community leaders.

CapΞtainTrippy.ETH :banana: on Twitter: “I also express my thoughts on this spaces which you can listen to here…” / Twitter

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