Cooking Up a Digital Revolution

Cooking Up a Digital Revolution

Bored Cuban, founded by Eric Castellanos in 2024, is a revolutionary fast-casual restaurant concept that brilliantly fuses traditional Cuban cuisine with Web3 innovation. Located in the heart of Miami, Bored Cuban stands as a testament to the city’s evolving culinary landscape and its growing reputation as a tech hub. The restaurant’s unique approach stems from Castellanos’ successful background with Latin Cafe 2000 and his passion for the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT community.

Serving Up Innovation, One Plate at a Time

At the core of Bored Cuban’s mission is the desire to bridge the gap between traditional Cuban gastronomy and the cutting-edge world of Web3. With their mascot, Manolo the Bored Ape, wearing a traditional guayabera, Bored Cuban aims to create a space where the rich flavors of Cuba meet the innovative spirit of blockchain technology. The goal is to make both Cuban cuisine and Web3 concepts more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from food enthusiasts to tech aficionados.

A Taste of the Future

Bored Cuban serves as the ideal fusion point, using its innovative menu as a canvas to introduce Web3 concepts to the masses. Their signature “Pixas” - Cuban-inspired flatbreads - and other creatively named dishes act as conversation starters, gently introducing patrons to Web3 terminology. The restaurant’s decor, featuring vibrant murals by local artist Friks84, creates an immersive experience that subtly integrates digital art concepts into the physical space.

From Bytes to Bites: A Culinary Web3 Experience

Beyond serving delicious food, Bored Cuban has positioned itself as a cultural hub for both Web3 enthusiasts and curious newcomers. The restaurant has hosted various events, from NFT art exhibitions to crypto meetups, establishing itself as a go-to venue for the Web3 community in Miami. By accepting ApeCoin as a form of payment, Bored Cuban provides a real-world use case for cryptocurrency, making it more tangible for the average consumer.

Dishing Out Digital Culture

Bored Cuban’s approach to IP integration is unique in the restaurant industry. While the restaurant’s branding centers around Manolo, their Bored Ape mascot, they’ve also created a space that celebrates the broader Web3 community. The menu features dishes inspired by various NFT collections, and the restaurant regularly collaborates with digital artists to create limited-edition merchandise and special menu items.

Pioneering the Crypto-Culinary Frontier

As Bored Cuban continues to grow, it’s exploring collaborations with other MBA (Made By Apes) businesses and Web3 projects. The restaurant has become a model for how traditional industries can successfully integrate Web3 elements, proving that with innovative thinking and quality execution, a brand can successfully bridge the physical and digital worlds.

By offering a tangible, enjoyable way for people to interact with Web3 concepts, Bored Cuban is not just serving food - it’s serving up a taste of the future. This approach not only advances Bored Cuban’s mission but also paves the way for other businesses to explore the integration of Web3 in traditional sectors, potentially revolutionizing how we think about restaurants and retail spaces in the digital age.


This is super cool.

I’m so curious about the names of dishes! Sounds awesome.

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Thank you . One of our wraps / Bowls is called Mutant Greens. Then we have sections of menu like Bored Breakfast or Bored Bakeshop… check out our menu online at


Website seems to have an issue. Can you access it ok?