Could we set up APEcoin discord and telegram?

it is better to market the apecoin by sperate discord.and telegram as a new and experienced team.
it will much better to apply the byac influence and build a better apecoin ecosystem and chain application


Ive found a few unofficial discords so far. Each of them have different groups and moderators that are running them. I’m not sure if they plan to advertise here.

It is my understanding from a twitter conversation with a Cartan Group representative that there are no plans to create an official ApeCoin discord server and instead we should focus on creating conversations here. That could be subject to change in the future.

Until then, check in here on forums often. Jump into chats that interest you, share ideas about ApeCoin and its uses. This discourse forum was made for us to do this.


My main problem is with the pace of the conversations here and the moderators not doing a good job actively replying to their constituents. When I am waiting 2 weeks for a response, it’s hard not to feel the mods are negligent to their duties here. Responses from mods should be the same day, instead it takes weeks to get a message and the whole process is extremely slow.

I for one relish the 6 month term for cartan ending, from my discussions with other holders, most would agree they are currently incompetent and plan to oppose extending their term. I also believe for the amount they are being paid, this is inexcusable.


I’ll agree that the pace of conversations on forums in general is much slower. The quality of user posts is higher vs discord, which is a great thing though activity and engagement from forum users is dramatically lower than discord, which is a major downside to discourse forum communications.

On the topic of Cartan Group and their responsiveness, I’ve had great experiences with my AIP proposal and a few small help request(for post edits lol) so I cannot speak on that.

Interestingly, okay you’ll like this @Papasito:

Because of the creation and passing of AIP 7 (forum changes) they set a precendence where we as voters can compel THE MODERATORS to make changes to the forum and elsewhere.

That means we could compel them to dedicate staff for dedicated hours every day, to report those hours and other expenses to the DAO directly. An AIP was used to dictate moderator actions!!!
(which i think is silly, appointed moderators making forum changes shouldnt require votes)

So if you’re looking to rally together some people for some changes to Cartan Groups moderation practices, because they set the precendence with AIP 7, changes likely can be forced through AIP.

Same with an official discord…Hm…


We do need a community discussion channel equipped with a leader and group of encouraging competent moderators, either keeping in this forum or creating an official discord, especially during this bumpy bear market. A good leader will serve as an encourager, advocate and efficient communicator, not only to alleviate the fudding panic paperhand selling pressure and stress, but also binding the HODL confidence as a community to reserve the $APE value. A well designed discord can serve as community confidence builder to further support the proposal discussion in this Forum.


Hey, I agree with every point you make! There are some upcoming changes to this discourse forum that will help make it easier to read. For example, this topic we’re posting on now, is for an AIP process idea. At the end of the 6 days, the creator of this topic will receive the next steps to make an AIP.

I am not sure if the author is intending to further write an AIP. Likely this thread should have been labeled as a general discussion in the appropriate category. Either way, it opens up conversations I suppose.

The new changes hopefully will improve engagement and readability. On the topic of discord, I have mixed reviews on the unofficial ApeCoin discords that I’ve joined. Each has their own set of leads and moderators. Each almost feel like their own club and faction, and the moderators of these discords are probably buddies of whoever wants to wear the crown and server owner title.

One important thing: All AIPs must go through here. So even us small holders, we have a say. These different groups can come up with ideas and scheme plans, but ultimately they have to get their ideas through 7 days of scrutiny here on Discourse. That’s really important to this whole process!


While I do agree that their initial questions were quite in depth and clarifying it has been two weeks since my last response from them. If my proposal is not considered for a vote this week, I will have lost all faith in their abilities.

That being said I would love to be wrong about this and have my mind changed.

I have had two other issues with the mod team as well.

1: on one of my proposals they didn’t read the edited AIP draft they had me write, they asked questions based off the original AIP IDEA that indicated they didn’t read my edited draft, as many of their questions did not at all pertain to the edited version.

2: improper quoting of governance. They quoted to me that AIP-IDEAS that contradict may not be posted but that is incorrect, AIP IDEAS may not go to a vote, it says nowhere in governance they may not be posted. This lack of understanding that to which it is their job to understand leaves me feeling quite demotivated and that many community members could do a better job.

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Just out of curiosity, what is the role of the Cartan Group? Do they currently work for Yuga Labs or Animoca Brands?


From my understanding they are an independent business that works for the APE Coin DAO, although it does seem that their underlying job is to help push predetermined agenda from Animoca.

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Against it. We must stay secure and independent and no phone number too. No discord data backup. No down times.


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Thank you @niubee01 for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @niubee01 please see your messages for the next steps.

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

This Topic has been rejected based on the DAO-approved guidelines due to no response in the last 30 days. The Topic may be submitted again by any user and upon approval, will be open for 7 days for community discussions.

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