Create A Feature or Category for Special Function in the discord or Discussion Forum

The discord or discussion forum should have more features, such as the ability to upvote or downvote posts, the ability to follow specific topics or users, and the ability to see which posts are trending. Adding these features would make the forum more interactive and engaging for users.

The forum could be improved by adding more resources for users, such as;

  • Adding a FAQ section that answers common questions about Apecoin and the forum.
  • Creating a “Getting Started” guide that walks new users through the basics of using the forum.
  • Adding a “Tips and Tricks” section that shares helpful information about using the forum and interacting with other users.
  • Hosting regular Q&A sessions with members of the Apecoin team.
  • Having a “Monthly Recap” section that highlights the most popular topics and posts from the previous month.
  • Adding a “Did You Know?” section that shares interesting facts and trivia about Apecoin and the blockchain.
  • Creating a “Creator Spotlight” section that highlights the work of artists and creators who are using Apecoin.
  • Organizing weekly or monthly challenges for users to participate in, such as trivia contests, art contests, or quizzes.
  • Adding polls to the forum so that users can vote on different topics and issues related to Apecoin.
  • Having a “Resources” section with links to helpful information and resources related to Apecoin and the blockchain.
  • Setting up a “Leaderboard” that tracks users’ activity on the forum, including posts, likes, and upvotes.

Some of these idea are already available in the forum but they could definitely build more on it


Q&A session will help a lot especially in the Discord forum


A leaderboard for the low effort tasks - can I ask what value you see this adding? (It would certainly give me a list of users to avoid lol.) :innocent:

Some of your other points I’m not against & some are in the pipeline afaik.

Example of one I like - The upvote and downvote - I’m not a fan of the current VOTE button or the HEART button we have, so to counter/balance these out with a downvote button in both places makes a lot of sense.


I agree, these are good suggestions to make the forum more user-friendly and lively. Features like upvoting, following topics, FAQs, challenges, and spotlights would definitely encourage more participation. At the same time, we’ll need to be careful not to make the forum too cluttered or complex.


I believe we already have a few options like this, but I think the “Get Started” guide would be beneficial. Initially, the forum was a bit challenging for me to navigate.


Thanks for considering my suggestions and i hope some that are deemed fit will be implemented so as to benefit the community


Fantastic suggestions, @Davinic Your ideas for enhancing the forum’s interactivity and providing valuable resources are spot on. The addition of features like upvoting, following specific topics, and seeing trending posts would undoubtedly elevate user engagement. The proposed sections, including FAQs, Getting Started guide, and Tips and Tricks, would greatly benefit both new and experienced users. The idea of regular Q&A sessions, monthly recaps, and a Creator Spotlight adds a dynamic touch. Looking forward to a more vibrant and informative Apecoin community


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