Create a fren, fren system

We can take over friend tech. Receive a majority of the airdrop then immediately sell it all for $APE. What do y’all think


How exactly do You see it? The idea sounds quite interesting


How do we do that
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can you explain better? I didn’t understand how it works


In my opinion, the FriendTech system is quite pyramidal and should not be associated with Apecoin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In general, it is quite an interesting idea if we are talking about “capturing” FriendTech by the whole community, but I would not like to turn the forum into this for sure. Tell us in more detail what you mean.

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I like the idea of GameStopping friendtech in theory but in practice, whatever you manage to think of, will likely be outdone by the hundreds of thousands of people in this space who use bots and niche knowledge to turn attempts like our into exit liquidity.


The bad thing about the crypto community itself is this, everything for them is simply an opportunity to make more money, they don’t care about market growth and education.

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Not always, sometimes projects are interesting with the idea itself and you want to support it despite the opportunity to earn (the main thing is the lack of losses). For example, the Boring Security project is interesting to everyone because people are learning how to save their savings and protect themselves from scam.

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You are sure!

Here in Brazil most people only focus on winning $$.
That’s really boring!

But it’s not just like that in Brazil, I see that a lot of people in the crypto market only care about winning and winning and winning…


I don’t see this a way to drive value to APE.


I don’t see the value in this at all. How would this benefit us and what are the perks?


I appreciate your comments

As one who never delved into FriendTech, I for one would tremendously appreciate elaborating on this concept, its implications and how it would work for the ApeCoin community.

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