Create a Special Council Marker for AIPs

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PROPOSAL NAME: Create a Special Council Marker for AIPs



This proposal aims to create a marker designated for AIPs created by the ApeCoin DAO Special Council as individuals and as a group. The goal of the marker is to provide a platform for the standing Special Council members if and when they create AIPs regarding the ecosystem in any way such as changes/improvements to the DAO or integrations/opportunities for the DAO. Special Council can write AIPs and act on feedback from the community, and as the community, we want to give them the toolset to act on that feedback without it needing to be us acting for them.

Powerful for the Special Council to highlight their contributions and for the community to observe this more openly and measurably.


  • Special Council AIPs are highlighted and brought up easier and more accessible to users.
  • Special Council AIPs provide a platform that can and should stand out from the other AIPs. Not for being better, but for being brought up by our elected stewards of the foundation.
  • The DAO will have a measurable form on which to judge our Special Council through written AIPs, successful and failures, execution, and even quantity so at then end, we, as a community, have a physical thing on which to judge, criticize, or praise our SC members and lead us to make an educated decision when voting begins again.


Special Council Marker would be a Tag automatically paired to any AIP written by any standing SC member(s).

PLATFORMS & TECHNOLOGIES: and Snapshot will have a marker/tag to denote the SC-written AIPs either in the form AIP-3XX (SC) or SC/AIP-XX of some form.


Standing SC members will be given a Special Council role on the forum and given access to a SC Marker to create AIPs.


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The only reason this would make sense to me is to highlight that the community should really consider all the possible conflicts of interest.

Special council should not be given any sort of advantage over the community imo - we only need to look at the recent apechain debacle to remind ourselves why.


What if an active Special Council member wants to write an AIP, but as a community member? Would the tag be compulsory, or optional?

Also, you mention:

Would this same argument not also extend to, say, Governance Working Group Stewards? Or Metaverse Stewards? Or MarComms Stewards? Is their omission here deliberate?

Also, doesn’t providing distinctive treatment of an AIP group potentially run contrary to the Guiding Values of the DAO?

Just a couple thoughts that crossed my mind as I read this proposal. Thanks for starting this discussion.

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Hi @DareVader,

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We look forward to hearing from you.


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