Crypto Art Collection

Proposal Name: ApeCoin Museum

I present an innovative and decentralized approach to curating and managing an art collection. The proposed Art Collection aims to harness the power of blockchain technology and community governance to create a dynamic and inclusive platform for art enthusiasts, collectors, and creators.

The collection embodies a diverse range of crypto art styles, curated to showcase emerging and established artists from around the world. Through the DAO’s decentralized structure, participants have the opportunity to contribute, discuss, and vote on the selection of artworks, ensuring a democratic and collective decision-making process.

The DAO’s use of blockchain technology guarantees transparency, provenance, and security of the artworks. By leveraging smart contracts, the collection’s ownership, lending, and sales transactions are conducted seamlessly, reducing reliance on intermediaries and fostering trust within the art community.

Furthermore, the ApeCoin Museum would encourage collaboration and innovation by providing a platform for artists to connect, collaborate, and receive support for their artistic endeavors. The DAO’s ecosystem promotes the exchange of ideas, critique, and mentorship, fostering a vibrant and evolving art community.

By merging the worlds of art and decentralized technology, the ApeCoin Museum aims to reshape traditional art collection management, making it more accessible, inclusive, and community-driven. This abstract invites art enthusiasts, collectors, and artists to explore the ethereal realm of art within this decentralized ecosystem and witness the transformative power of art in the digital age.

**Author Description | A brief background of yourself:
Grew up around artists, art conservators and dealers. Been in crypto since 2016 and work for a tech lobbying firm in web2.

Democratization of Art, Community Engagement and Learning, Transparency and Provenance, Financial Empowerment and Investment, Disintermediation and Cost Efficiency, Innovation and Collaboration. Ultimately ApeCoin Museum would create a more inclusive, transparent, and accessible art ecosystem that empowers artists and collectors, engages the community, and redefines traditional treasuries.

Timeline | Relevant timing details:
Recommend a 90 day trial period to ascertain how the community interacts and responds to the AIP.

Overall Cost:
Depending on community choices for artists and art selection. No purchases larger than 15eth as a rule of thumb for the trial period of 90 days. Requested cost for running, organizing and purchasing art would be 48eth (~16 eth per month) for the 90 day trial period.

In Practicality:
Community and AIP leaders present listed or available crypto art for sale once per week, with their reasoning following. The week is used to discuss and vote using $ape. Winning piece(s) within the monthly budget get purchased and added to a multi-sig wallet. A twitter account can be created to showcase and market the DAO. Apps such as; OnCyber, can further be used to expand on the AIP.

In the same way members propose when and what to buy, they would also propose listings and selling timings, which are then voted on.

This proposal for the ApeCoin Museum presents an interesting and innovative approach to managing art collections. The use of decentralized decision-making, transparency and smart contracts ensures a democratic and secure art ecosystem. Very interesting


it would be a great project and with each work of art include a nft to certify authenticity.

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I don’t think it would work. Not every DAO member has interests of art collection.

There are specific Art DAOs such as Flamingo DAO. Also they are setup as Delaware investment DAOS. 100 people or companies max. Setup to eventually sell the collection for a profit. What is the business case to buy Art to hold here?


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Why do families, businesses and museums have collections that aren’t sold immediately for profit? Cultural preservation, prestige and reputation, exhibition and education. But I never said we wouldn’t sell, art is still an investment vehicle

I don’t like the idea of spending 15 ETH every month to acquire NFTs based on community votes. there are plenty of DAOs doing this already so where is the benefit and how is this innovative?

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This is def something nice, but does that cost will be justified like will be getting any profits of those ?


The ApeCoin Foundation can make grants but can it buy assets? Also if it buys assets can it sell them later?

Also running a Art investment DAO takes real time and industry knowledge. I personally think investment DAOs are best for this. It could be done (doesn’t mean should) but my first two questions would need to be answered first.


the DAO can’t make profits

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