Crypto Breakdown Beneath the Hype Newsletter?

I can account a great deal of my success to finding smaller projects far away from the hype.
Success = profitable investments, passive income generators

Also, understanding the nuances of defi, bitcoin, crypto infrastructure — you know, all the stuff that “NFT” people don’t have time for… this has 10X’d my profitability and enjoyment during the bear market.

On the flipside, ApeDAO may already have too many newsletters, and the community may not want to see newsletters focused on any crypto/bitcoin stuff outside of Apecoin.

I’m just tired of going into NFT Twitter Space after NFT Twitter Space and hearing ignorant opinions about crypto that keep people poor.

But I’ll put the idea out there. It’s simple; it’s something I could do while working on other initiatives. Nice and straightforward. Do a weekly newsletter digging up the gold, posting interviews with devs I meet at conventions, easy explanations of tougher crypto topics. What say you?


@Mantis - Are you thinking of a newsletter similar to “Robinhood Daily Snacks” or just a newsletter finding the gold nuggets and drafting them in a weekly doc?

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It would be more focused than Daily Snacks, which has to grab random headlines for SEO/visibility with no real clear direction. Mine would be crypto-focused with only the most relevant macro topics, and always relevant to Apecoin. “Snacks” speaks to the flippant nature of the blog. I’d be fun, but definitely more educational and less Jim Cramery.

An example of the content I’d do — “Earning 100% APR While CT Screams About SBF” then proceed to talk about defi that continued to make me money while losers yelled all day about FTX, wasting people’s time.


I see. What blog platform would you use? If you used revue and connected that to your twitter profile, I would subscribe instantly so I could keep winning as well.

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Likely Revue. Make it as easy as possible. Possibly syndicate in a couple of other places I know.


I support this, my dude. I actually DO read the Robinhood Snacks (once a week, not the daily one) and something a bit more polished and focusing on our world here would be something I’d subscribe to. And I almost NEVER subscribe to newsletters unless I find value in them.

I’m confident in your ability to execute and would wholeheartedly support this endeavor. The more digestible, informative content our people can have direct access to, the better.


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