@danlogi - Discourse Facilitator Application for Term Beginning June 2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @danlogi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/danlogi_

Nomination Statement

Hello, ApeCoin Discourse community! I’m Daniel, a freelancing design thinking coach for multinational corporate clients, proptech founder, and a father who enjoys playing football (actual skills are very questionable). I’m on the newer side to this community (I recently received my ‘Member Level 2’ and ‘New User of the Month’ badges), and have brought with me some fresh perspectives.

I see tremendous potential in the ApeCoin community as a hub for ideas, creativity, and collaboration. With Discourse acting as the conduit, enabling community engagement, idea refinement, pitching, funding, and reporting.

During my time exploring the community (forums, idea posts and the Nov 2022 Transparency Report), I’ve noticed a few areas that could benefit from improvement. There is a need for timely and accessible data for proposed ideas, standardised information reporting, and visual representations to aid decision-making. If chosen for this role, I not only want to support new users, but also see a huge benefit in closing the other gaps I mentioned to bring further value to the community.

With my experience in operational/process teams and leading change initiatives, I have the skills needed to fulfil the responsibilities of this role. As an ex-Transformation Director and Client Co-Creation Lead for a global bank, the soft and hard skills needed for the Community Facilitator sit firmly within my ‘wheel-house’.

Thank you for considering my nomination!