DAO courses in different languages

I’ve been in DAO for more than 2 months and I’m proposing the idea of creating group calls in different languages to better explain how it works and how people can contribute, because I find when you don’t speak English very well it’s complicated to integrate perfectly so you can help 100% if you want.

I’d like to hear from you and discuss whether it’s possible to set this up, and I’d be happy to help you do it.


Hi, @MaCrypto

I agree with you, it could be done with the same boring security, had speakers who speak other languages, it would be ideal to pass the message and consequently reach new members to add to the DAO.



Yeah. I think ApeCoin should do more to cater to various cultures/languages. Maybe an ambassador program of some sort led by members of the community from said cultures.


I think it’s important to diversify for better development because everything is in English and US time.

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I’d like to talk to some well-placed people at ApeCoin Dao to find out if it’s possible to set this up.

it’s true that this could be a good thing for a good part of the discourse for whom it’s complicated to understand or exchange with the language barrier.

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I’ll see if I can improve things on this subject

Honestly, I don’t know how until today something related to this has not been implemented, if this language barrier is not broken, the project will be geographically limited.
Even a call to discuss this matter with the board and etc…

Yes I agree with your proposal. It’s a fact that do not Speak English divide what Dao want unify. This is a mainly argument. Good thinking doesn’t depends on language but partecipation could be stopped by language divide. Love your idea. :heart_eyes:

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Hello MaCrypto,

We talked about it many time with french guys, I’m behind you for this wonderful idea !

Good job mate,

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I’m french me too, and of corse, he’s right.
I agree with this idea.

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good idea, it could diversify the forum even more.

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The topic of multilingualism for DAO is becoming more and more common. It is understandable, because the number of community members is growing.

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Super idea. Language barrier ish can’t be overemphasized.

Happy to see this pass :white_check_mark:

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Great idea. I’m very interested for courses in French too!

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