DAO Fund Receivers

I’m working on developing a small tool that monitors automatically the Apecoins treasury’s financials. The overarching goal is to enhance the transparency of the DAO, serving as an independent control/check. This would essentially function as an additional layer of assurance, beyond the DAO administrator’s “reports” and “figures”, ensuring all activities align with the intended approvals.

However, in the course of my work, I’ve come across some wallets which I am struggling to identify and link them to an AIP. I’ve been operating under the assumption that the initial transaction from a new wallet represents a payment or funding action, and the residual amount is subsequently transferred to another treasury-affiliated wallet.

It’s a non-official tool and can certainly contain errors, but I’d say it’s better than having no information at all :slight_smile:

If someone have a bit more insights and would have information about any of that below wallets, and what their usecase was, i would appreciate your support!

Funded on 15. February:
0x96c41aa08d8effdfd86697f6dece1bb889b27004 (42k APE)

Funded: 12 Aug 2022 (30k APE), 29 Dez 2022 (63k APE), 13.01.2023 (3k APE), 2.11.2023 (3k APE),
0x72dce6fa22eba1f0abcb28629a3918c6c88269da (99.6k APE)

Funded: 20 Dez 2022
0x17EbB536CeFA1A06cC38a7966Ba0394900d2F0B4 (400k APE)

Funded:15 Feb 2023
0x4899f2ed51a0b52979bcbdbfc2bee05867347906 (200k Ape)

Funded: Several TX from 2023
0x798fc92ae91af48d817812a9686d767f33034a16 (481k APE)

Funded 24 April 2023
0xdbefb887662ca19cd485381f3386fe5f8537b910 (656k APE)

I may find more wallets as time goes on which i can not identify, but I want to identify the largest DAO receivers first.
Appreciate your help!


Thanks. You’re aware of @CEOofWeb3.0 ’s work in this regard?


I am aware of his dashboard, but i want a more detailed breakdown. The script to track all wallets is running and working, i just need to identify the wallets and their connected AIPs now.


By the grace of the Ape, you shall. Respect!


I’ll check these wallets out as soon as I can and report back

I’ve encountered most of these wallets before but it might need someone with access to internal information to certify that


sorry for hijacking your thread @Frostyz but my question is pretty much related:

are fund receivers’ project status actually tracked? do they have to report back to the DAO regarding their process, or do they receive the funds and that’s it?


Very good idea, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


There wasn’t much follow-up or tracking of projects in the past, but this is one thing I’ve been working on fixing.

You can check out my “Milestone Tracker” Database here and follow along as I make updates to it each week and share them with the community.


Released already a small page, which shows the current work, still some things to do, if you scroll through the DAO Beneficiary Ledger, you can see all wallets which i could not identifiy with the first sight.
If anyone sees a wallet and knows, to which aip it was connected, i would appreciate it:


I think there needs to be an individual or maybe a very small team dedicated to this task full-time.

Without proper tracking, direct communication, assessment and perhaps investigation and verification on the progression of projects, then will much of what we fund ever come to fruition?

I applaud what you are doing, but I feel there is necessity to go much further, more faster.

Trust but verify isn’t it.

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This wallet is associated with Winter mute : https://twitter.com/wintermute_t

This is a coinbase wallet, all I know. Probably for internal use (needs further clarification)

This is a gnosis multi sig wallet

A wallet associated with coin base prime, maybe deposit idk

Multisig wallets

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Thank you for your help, what does multisig wallets mean for you, can you identify who is behind that wallet?

Nope, no can do. Lack of any knowledge whatsoever, maybe budgets for something ?

3 days without the leadership responding to this very important topic?

Administration is not interested to keep track of the funds :sweat_smile:

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dead silence. well spent 200k monthly :clown_face:


I haven’t looked into any of these wallets or txns with the expectation that this will all be detailed in the transparency report coming from AIP-121. This report has been delayed several times during the transition from Cayman admin companies, but I’ve been assured that it will be published very soon. :slight_smile:


this is an interesting idea and i think likely needed if it didnt exist before

We heard from that soon, for a quite long period of time :upside_down_face:
Someone with insights should be able to publish this with an maximum effort of 20 hours.

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so where is the response of our hard-working special council members???