DAO Structure Working Document

The structure of our DAO is a bit of a gray area for a lot of members right now. There are a bunch of things the community as a whole is unaware of. For instance, when some members first started discussing the possibility of having a revenue stream of funds flow back to the DAO we were unsure a) what kind of entity the DAO was setup as b) if it was legally allowed to generate revenue c) how would revenue be distributed d) who would handle it. This uncertainty is holding us back from making progress on a lot of larger proposal ideas.

In the most recent ApeCoin Townhall we talked about creating a working document which people could reference that outlines structural things community members should consider. This includes topics like:

  1. What needs to be setup and considered if we want funds to flow back to DAO (ex. separate community controlled multi-sig wallet to use as DAO agrees upon)
  2. What legal implications need to be considered when setting up an official Discord server or other form of communication (ex. who takes on security risk in event Discord is compromised).
  3. Similar legal implications as above for someone utilizing official ApeCoin Twitter account.
  4. Similar legal implications as above for someone looking to build on ApeCoin domain or subdomain.

A lot of this information is being discussed across various channels (Discord, Twitter, etc.) but I feel like we are spinning our wheels a little because it’s mostly discussed in smaller groups but the vast majority of the community is unaware of them. Having this information all in one location will allow us to be more efficient in analyzing these structural topics and getting things done that involve them.

I’m proposing I take care writing up and maintaining this document, with the help of the Cartan Moderator team + any others who are well versed in the legal side of things. I’m not looking for any compensation. Rather, my request in this proposal is to receive DAO approval to let it be posted on Discourse in its own separate category named “DAO Structure.”

I just want to see all of this information laid out so we can move forward as a DAO and get more things accomplished.

I disagree with the creation of a new category & also believe that only they should be involved in the creation of documents concerning legal & procedural as related to topics mentioned.

It was stated by Cartan Group that an AIP directing them to create documents is a valid path forward. They can be directed to solve problems when given additional resources for legal & other needs, including the creation of standards surrounding website use & related proposals.

I also believe that passing a proposal as you suggest above could cause a long delay for any proposals that could be implicated by these questions. It’s worth considering the impact of that.

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Having Cartan handle this is more than okay and can be adjusted in this proposal. My goal of this is just to make the information available regardless of who creates the document.


Oh yeah absolutely. Your writing is professional so that wasn’t what immediately stuck out. I do agree that documentation would be great. I have written one concerning the website & ill share it with you, and got a response from BC saying it probably wouldn’t be necessary. Will forward shortly.


As for this part. I definitely don’t want this being something that delays any other proposals either. I’m basically just requesting legal rules and implications of the DAO be posted somewhere for easy reference.


It’ll definetly depend on how your AIP reads. Like mine for example would likely be intrusive. Whereas yours may not. It’ll really come down to the specific writing as to if it would cause a delay.

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Thank you @RedVulkan for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

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