Delegate Application

Thanks for considering putting yourself forward as an ApeCoin DAO governance delegate! You only need to submit yourself as a delegate if you want to appear in the list of delegates shown in the delegation interface on


  • About Me: brief headline about yourself (max 2 sentences)
  • Reasons for wanting to be a delegate:
  • My web3 qualifications / skills:
  • What voters can expect of me:

Delegates must own an ENS address in order to customize their profile picture. Read more on how ENS avatars work here.

  • Go to and search for your ENS name
  • Make sure you have an ETH Address record set
  • Click “ADD/EDIT RECORD” in the Records section
  • Add an image URL to the “Avatar” row in “Text Records” (users can link to jpeg/png images via HTTPS, IPFS, or as an NFT).
    • HTTPS: MUST resolve to an avatar image directly. URLs must not resolve to HTML pages, metadata, or other content.
    • IPFS: MUST resolve to an avatar image directly.
    • NFTs: supports ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT types. NFT URL must use the following format: “eip155:1/[NFT standard]:[contract address for NFT collection]/[token ID or the number it is in the collection]”
  • Once the image record is entered, scroll down and click “Confirm” to save it to the blockchain

The following examples all resolve to the same avatar image:

A Primary ENS Name record makes your Ethereum address point to an ENS name. This allows dapps to find and display your ENS name when you connect to them with your Ethereum account. This can only be set by you so it is not set automatically upon registration.

  • Go to and click “My account”
  • Select the ENS domain you want to use under the “Primary ENS Name” menu
  • Click “Save”

After these steps you’re all set to become an ApeCoin DAO delegate!


Thanks for providing detailed guidance. Do we submit the delegate statement here in this thread?

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Nope! This is meant to be more of an FAQ. You’ll submit your delegate statement directly on the delegation platform.

(but while I have you here… any feedback?)


Sorry I still didn’t find the delegation interface on Apecoin website. Is the function live now? It would be better to point out where to submit. lol

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It’s not live yet! We’re still working on the UX flow but it should be ready shortly. We’re going to be linking to this page from the application on the site, so I posted it early to get the URL.

sorry for the confusion!


No problem. I misunderstood it. Thank you! :sweat_smile:

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Hi Maaria, any update on this being live?

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Hoping to be ready for beta testing today!!!

We need 4-5 people to help with finding bugs, errors, and any other feedback. one big area to bug test is delegation scenarios with staked tokens. need to make sure the accounting is pulling correctly.

DM me if you’re down to help!


Hello @maariab , will it be possible to add our statement manually if for example our delegation is using Gnosis Safe, and it’s not purposed in connecting wallets ?

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this is a good question… let me look into this.


Okay so it should work if you use the WalletConnect app via the Gnosis Safe web UI - you can enable that, then use it to connect to the delegation page via WalletConnect.

Could you try and let me know if it works?



I just signed up as a delegate and am happy to give a bit of feedback.

Overall, I think its great so forgive the nit picking!

I can’t find a delegate profile by searching with part of an address. When I copied and pasted the whole string it worked. It seems it only searches whole addresses not parts. That wasn’t clear or particularly useful. However not a major problem now I know how it works.
When I tried to go back to the delegates page, I kept getting sent back to the apecoin website because the buttons on the top left are very close together. Just a bit annoying.
I am not sure how to edit my statement.
Other than that I found the site easy to use!


@maariab Is the delegate app live or it’s still in the testing phase?

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its live!


I think better to sort delegates by random shuffle by default, not by voting power.

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How does sorting by Recently Delegated work? I see that accounts with 0 voting power in the top lines and don’t understand why.

Also I would suggest to add an option to show wallets only with delegate statements and by random shuffle.

Hello, it doesn’t work :
« Something went wrong. Please try again »

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Can you share more? Were you trying to submit an application? Would you be able to share a screenshot of what the error is?

  1. I connect on Safe (Gnosis)
  2. I open WalletConnect
  3. I open and use connection via WalletConnect
  4. I copy the link
  5. I past it on Safe (Gnosis)
  6. I sign transaction
  7. I finally have this message : “Someting went wrong. Please try again”
    (screenshots sent on Twitter)

@maariab any updates for my questions?