Delegate Application

there are some updates on the site, that include the delegate statement filtering + more randomization

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Can you please share more details for the community?

I’m getting set up as a delegate and I’m trying to add my avatar to my ENS. Has there been an update to the ENS website. The “avatar” row is gone. Can you point me to an update? Do I add a record? or put the info in “other”? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Anyone get this error when trying to set delegation?

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

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Ah thank you for letting us know!! Looking into this now and will revert back as soon as we have a fix.

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should be fixed! can you try again

Looks like they changed the interface.
Click on Profile → Edit Profile → and then click on the profile circle to either upload an image or select an NFT that you hold

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What is the primary lookup? The ENS or the ETH address?

If we change our ENS to a new wallet will the history go with it?

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I am looking here as an example:

Your voting history is tied to a specific EOA and not an ENS name, so unfortunately when you move your ENS name your voting history will stay with the old wallet address.

You can search for someone with either their ENS or their address (if you know it).

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The function is the same in terms of the HEX data. It is just a front end interface. FYI difference is because I tested the delegation to two different wallets. So just has a nice user interface to pick you candidate.




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