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(this topic is dedicated to discussion amongst and collaboration between ApeCoin forum members who have an interest in software development and coding generally. Example use-cases include sharing/working together on code for fun, developing software to enhance the ApeCoin DAO, hosting workshops to teach development to fellow apes, and jamming out to hacker tunes)


This is a great initiative, $APE DAO should have a great dev muscle to propose and develop new protocols with $APE in mind and to keep the DAO tech stack updated.

I absolutely love what is being done here I was just late on the apes and one day i will own one but for now i guess the apecoin is a good start in the ecosystem. I am trying to get some advice from some devs on how they approached solidity and smart contracts and I have a few ideas where to start but was just curious if maybe there was somewhere i have not looked yet. There is tons of videos and the tutorials on Github just curious what is the better approach. I know html, css, java, basic coding stuff and I have learned a little in Solidity but theres so much and It seems like when I try to focus on one area i get trapped in a rabbit hole. Any help on guiding me towards a specific route to learn about solidity and smart contracts that may be better than bouncing around would be greatly appreciated.

This is the best handbook of web3 development that I have found.

Anyway a full web3 development is hard to achieve if you havent been coding for several years. Like you said, there are a ton of stuff and creating a SC in solidity is a way different than making a web responsive or coding an API REST.

My advice is to keep learning little by little and dont pretend to make a huge project in 1 month. Step by step you will find yourself learning programming patterns and complex stuff.

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thank you greatly appreciated ser

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